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Admit It: Military Equipment Saves Lives

Admit It:  Military Equipment Saves Lives

If President Obama, Black Lives Matter and Washington D.C. Democrats had their way, Arkansas would have lost multiple officers last week during the violent ambush of Sebastian County Cpl. Bill Cooper.

If they had their way, Orlando Law Enforcement would have placed themselves in more harms way while trying to rescue citizens out of a nightclub.

If they had their way, California law enforcement would have literally taken a slingshot to a gun fight when they encountered terrorists bent to do them and the community harm.

These are just a few examples of what military grade equipment including armored vehicles have done for law enforcement in recent months. It’s the same equipment that President Obama has banned, the platform of Black Lives Matter rails against and what every democrat that wants to stay in good graces says that law enforcement can’t have.

It is time that everyone puts politics aside and just admit it…..Military equipment in the hands of well trained police officers, saves lives.

If you don’t believe us, listen to Ft. Smith (AR) Sgt. Daniel Grubbs when he discusses their agency response to one officer down and others pinned down in a hail of gunfire, “We had two citizens and three officers at the time that were pinned down.  Considering the armament and the violence that had been displayed, there’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that vehicle saved a minimum of five people that day.”

So what do you say Black Lives Matter, President Obama and so called politicians, do you care about the lives of law enforcement?  Do you care about the lives of innocent citizens?  If you do, then prove it with words because our law enforcement heroes will continue to prove it with their actions just like they did in Fort Smith, Arkansas last week.

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