41 Deputies Retire Over Contract Dispute

41 Deputies Retire Over Contract Dispute

The Monroe County (NY) executive is responding to a mass exodus of Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies caused by a contract dispute with county administration. 41 deputies recently retired before an arbitration decision kicked-in that would have slashed their retirement benefits.

“Never has any agency seen 41 people walk out the door because of a contract issue like this. It’s going to take 5-10 years to get the seniority back for what the sheriff’s road patrol lost,” says John Auberger, the president of the local union that represents road patrol deputies.

The most experienced deputies on the force are now gone. Specialized units for things like DWI enforcement and pistol permit background checks have been dissolved; the remaining deputies have been tasked with absorbing the duties.

“You’re now getting a more inexperienced deputy coming to your house who also has more responsibilities than he did a year ago,” Auberger says.

Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn has not responded to questions.

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  1. Mac Humble

    The county gets what it deserves. I was a local town officer for 25 years and have watched the MCSO get screwed contract after contract for almost 40 years. I have no sympathy for the county or the citizens. You get what you pay for. Now you have rookies that will be looking for jobs in any agency that will take them. This 41 Deputy walkout will be 81 in a year. bet you last dollar.

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