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The Chicago Police Are Racists!

The Chicago Police Are Racists!

Did that get your attention?

Sorry but I thought I would jump on the DOJ bandwagon for just a brief moment before I came to my senses.

Looking at an uptick of violent crime in major cities only for the Department of Justice to do a so called investigation and then label the department with the ole “patter and practice” of racial discrimination is so…2016.

And that is exactly what the DOJ did to Chicago just a few weeks ago.

Former Chicago Superintendent Garry McCarthy led the department during this time period and he had some interesting things to say about the DOJ Report.

Not only did the detailed investigators never speak to McCarthy but they also labeled the training as inadequate.  Since Chicago PD does more training than the state of Illinois requires, that means that they think the entire state is bad?  That wasn’t mentioned.

What a difference a week makes!

This week, President Trump threatened the use of the “feds” if Chicago didn’t do more to curb the violence and now, Mayor Emanuel has announced a plan to stop the violence, which is predominantly occurring in black neighborhoods.

The plan involves using surveillance cameras and predictive software to identify groups and people more likely to be victims and suspects in violent crime.

Mayor, before you spend too much money, drop us a thank you card and look at this.


Courtesy:, Murder Statistics for 2016.

Mayor, did you get DOJ approval because this plan will no doubt stop, question and arrest a lot of black/males!

Do you see my point here?

Probably not.  After all, you fired Chicago Superintendent Garry McCarthy for basically doing exactly what this new plan does…..actual police work!

Here is my point to you, Mayor and the Department of Justice.  Stop saying police departments are racist when they simply arrest violent criminals that happen to be black.  That is not the fault of law enforcement.

In a perfect world the criminals would be exactly along racial lines.  If there was 20% blacks in a city, it would be 20% committing crimes, etc. but this isn’t Westworld and as much as ole Bullethead would love to be a guest in that world because I happen to like that one girl with the stockings, it simply doesn’t exist.

The police respond to behavior and they respond to the cries of victims.  In Chicago, bad behavior and the cries usually come from black neighborhoods.

‘Black Lives Matter’ to the police in Chicago.  It is the Chicago Police Department spending time in these neighborhoods trying to stop violence and what thanks do they get.  They get called the easiest name to call anyone nowadays….”Racist”.

Well, Daddy Trump has threatened you and you, Mayor Emanuel, you have reacted with actual police work.  I guess I’ll join the DOJ sentiment.

Mayor, you are a racist!



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