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Police Officer


Cedar Rapids Police Department

Age Requirement: 18+
Education: High School

Some Examples of Essential Work:

Patrols City streets;
Responds to calls for police assistance or service;
Directs traffic where needed;
Provides emergency assistance to ill or injured citizens;
Arrests law violators; testifies in judicial proceedings;
Maintains custody of prisoners;
Makes reports;
Conducts initial investigation of alleged criminal conduct;
Maintains order in crowds;
Advises public on laws in force;
Enforces traffic laws, issues citations where indicated;
Investigates suspicious persons or activities;
Records, stores, and is responsible for evidence for future court cases, and lost items that have been found and turned in by members of the general public;
Attends roll calls;
Attends training sessions;
Other duties as assigned;
Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies, procedures and safety practices;
Attends work regularly at the designated place and time;
Supports continuous process improvement initiatives;
Performs related work as required.

 Competitive starting salary with step increases: $50,232 starting,
$53,788 in 1 yr., $63,003 in 5 yrs., and $67,163 in 10 yrs.
 Paid overtime
 Excellent competitive promotional opportunities
 Paid leave—monthly accrual (16.7 hrs. to 30 hrs.)
 Long-term illness/injury, 48 hr. annual accrual to 520 hrs.
 Employer paid long-term disability policy
 Full pay during 18 weeks of interesting, professional recruit training
 Longevity pay
 Uniforms furnished by the City
 Uniform cleaning allowance
 Excellent health and dental insurance
 Job related disability coverage
 Excellent retirement benefits
 Continuous in-service training programs
 Fitness center

The Cedar Rapids area excels in studies ranking quality of life and livability when considering cost of living, income, home ownership, and crime. Plus, our residents exemplify the idea of neighborliness. We’re big enough to offer engaging opportunities, yet small enough to encourage everyone to participate and get involved. Short commutes, averaging 15 to 20 minutes, add to the area’s quality of living.
 Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa with a population of 129,000 and metro area of approximately 257,940 (Linn, Benton, and Jones counties).
 Cedar Rapids is one of the largest corn processing cities in the world, is the second largest producer of wind energy in the United States, is one of the leading bioprocessing and food ingredient centers in North America, is home to almost 300 manufacturing plants, and has two dozen Fortune 500 companies, including Rockwell, General Mills, and Quaker Oats. Other large companies with facilities in Cedar Rapids include Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, and Nordstrom. (Wikipedia.org)
 Cedar Rapids ranks #1 in Iowa and #29 in the nation on the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” list by Livability.com.


To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://www.cedar-rapids.org/police →