Man Who Beat Infant Son To Death Is Beaten To Death By Cellmate

Man Who Beat Infant Son To Death Is Beaten To Death By Cellmate

St. Louis Today reports that a Potosi Correctional Center prisoner has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly beating to death his cellmate, a man serving life in prison for beating his infant to death in St. Louis in 2010.

Brandon Kulhanek, 38, was charged this week in the Oct. 14, 2015, death of Daniel Wilson.

A probable cause statement said Kulhanek and Wilson got into a fight in their cell. Wilson, 35, was pronounced dead at Washington County Hospital. The autopsy showed Wilson died from a crushed larynx.

The 7-month-old son of Wilson died after suffering a fractured skull and severe brain injuries in a January 2010 beating.

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  1. Kenneth E. Fraser

    Kulhanek may have rehabilitated two felons that day.

  2. Snufy

    Putting a child molester or killer in with hardened prisoners is a death sentence. Hardened criminals may be dirt bags, but they do see children as innocents fresh from God.

  3. ssgtnelson

    And justice is served. How do I send a medal to the guy who killed this scum?

  4. JackmeOFF

    That cunt needed to die

  5. 68cris

    Good,, wish it would happen to all the Monsters, that prey on the helpless, and the innocent.. You are soulless if you could hurt a kid, .and do not belong in a civilized society., you belong 6ft under.

  6. Rainbow Dash

    Carma is a bitch sometimes.. good for him!!

  7. James Leatham

    He wasn’t sentenced to death… but there it is.
    Just remember this if you ever need to spend 30 days for a different offence.
    Any jail time is potentially a life sentence.

  8. DrMichael

    Two horrible wrongs don’t make a right.

  9. The Secret Scouser

    they should vindicate the murderer and let him off! use some kinda psycho babble bullshit cos i wouldnt share a cell with a scumbag and keep cool

  10. Connie Rogers

    Looks like KARMA works in mysterious ways too… guess he wouldn’t have had that to deal with if he hadn’t done that to put him there… to the one that did it – maybe you can get a caretaker job at the prison & keep the other inmates in line by reminding them that SHIT HAPPENS sometimes… hope his hands & knuckles heal soon, that had to hurt…

  11. Donna Kanzler Datino

    Excellent, the cellmate should get a reduced sentence for community service

  12. Todd Doutre

    Justice served

  13. Fairisfair

    Karma is a bitch. Knock 10 years off the killer’s sentence.

  14. donji

    100 dollars fine for abuse of a corpse.Next case!

  15. Kris

    Good, just may send that guy a gift for doing that, saving this story, the asshole deserved to die.

  16. Scott Gordon

    Karma is a bitch… it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

  17. Daisy Glasscock

    Karma a bitch.

  18. SantaRosaMom


  19. Jason Roskopf

    Killed while in the states custody. Hitler was a little bit more subtle– Stalin maybe not no much.

  20. Laura K Perkinson

    Aww what a shame. NOT!

  21. Assing

    One less dirtbag to spend money on ???

  22. MW EF

    Inmate Justice is Swift and Final.

  23. Michael David

    How can we contribute to Mr. Kulhanek’s commissary?

  24. Judith Weinstein

    sounds like Justice was served.

  25. Chris Robinette

    True justice was served, no charges to be filed is best.

  26. mcjense

    good Karma is a bitch and he deserved it

  27. Anti Lib

    He should get time off for good behavior.

  28. rickwalters

    What goes around – comes around

  29. Mike S.

    Its a shame we have to rely on inmates for proper justice to be served

  30. Carol Ann King

    I don’t know what landed Brandon in the prison to begin with, and I don’t condone violence…but the beating death of an infant, deserves an eye for an eye, and now if the Christians are correct…I suspect Daniel Wilson, is going straight to hell. Brandon hopefully was already doing life…not to be mean…but there is only so much more punishment he can have….I, too, would put money on his books…if I had any to spare…but if someone is reading this and can get a message to Brandon…tell him…I said “Thank You”………for settling the score…

  31. Deb Levey

    Murder is murder ya inbred rednecks. Bring back, and enforce the death penalty … let these 2nd degreers and manslaughters repay their debts by flipping the frigging switch on old Sparky. But no killing your cellie for kicks. Everybody gets due process. Even you inbred redneck motherfuckers.

  32. yourtoonosey

    Good. They should ALL be caged together, let karma take it’s course. Then many fewer child killers and molesters would be paroled to make room for the victims of the failed war on drugs.

  33. UncleKarma

    I think I’ll send this guy some money for his commissary. Job well Done Bro.

  34. Jim Mangiarella

    Oh well, no loss no fowl as far as I see

  35. aVet

    He deserves a pardon and a community service award!!!!

  36. Kevin H Fox

    His cellmate should get a civil service award and extra privileges.

  37. Bruce Smith

    Be careful. You don’t know why he is in. Perhaps he raped a woman/bat his gf to death. Soooo sad other POS is dead, but regardless, make sure you know WHO the dude is…

  38. shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    Brandon Kulhanek , Thank You !!!
    God Bless You!!!
    Were can I Send the Fresh Baked Home made Cokkies

    • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

      Cookies !!!

  39. Bigedub101

    Just give him some Ad. Seg and privileges taken for Lil while and put some money back on books. Natural order and justice.

  40. Steve Gehr

    I’d rather justice not be decided by other criminals… at least not the ones currently behind bars.

  41. dragonlady9947

    The cell mate should get a medal. Baby killer got what he deserved.

  42. West_of_I35

    Why charged? It cannot be a crime to kill a child killer.

  43. Larry Dague

    Need a prison address to send that inmate some gifts

  44. Ivan Pihama

    That what really makes me laugh these prisoners that are dirt bag’s themselves playing God. So why was he in jail himself rape, murder? Or what.

  45. Joshua Weasenforth

    His headstone should be beaten up.

  46. George

    I heard they started a Gofundme account for the inmate…lmfao See we still have street justice for those that don’t have a voice anymore because of these monsters.

  47. Bad Tag 1

    Justice Served ……..

  48. ultrawiz

    Karma balances out things again, you get what you give. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

  49. ThomasPaine

    All this does is show that mankind will destroy itself because emotion supersedes reason. Not saying what was done was wrong. It only shows that survival isn”t possible without total control of our actions.Some people will understand this.

  50. theallseeingmaster .

    Call me cold hearted but in my mind, justice was served.

  51. Johann Haggard

    Best news I have read today.

  52. sylent6

    In the interest of justice and the interest of the people in the united states of america demand and vote for all charges to be dropped and shall he continue his current sentencing.

  53. chickief

    WOW! The prison house justice system works! There is honor among thieves!

  54. peaches and wine

    This doesn’t mention what Prisoner Brandon Kulhanek was in prison for?
    Child killers like Daniel Wilson, should be held in solitary confinement, and then EXECUTED!

  55. Annette Collins

    Justice has been served….

  56. Donna Cassidy

    thanks to the cellmate that took care of the trash that killed his own baby by beating it to death…So he got the exact thing he deserved. We save, and the trash has been taken out

  57. Alexis Funfrock

    Since when is doing public service a crime?

  58. Brian Grayson

    And the problem is, what exactly?

  59. Mike

    alls well that ends well

  60. CherMoe

    Too bad they didn’t give the inmate a break on this particular offense … and a medal for what he did.

  61. Barbara Kaufer

    I hope he burns in hell

  62. Rick Cash

    You see, 2 wrongs can make a right!!

  63. Wile E. Coyote (Supergenius)

    If Brandon starts a GoFundMe, I’ll be tempted. I don’t actually enjoy the death of anyone, but I think “satisfaction” would be a feeling that seems appropriate.

  64. Wild Bill Kinda

    Time for lunch.

  65. Minka

    think he did a public service

  66. mikey havenside

    Justice was served.

  67. jordy

    I don’t condone this but will not lose sleep over this either.

  68. Randall Russell

    Hope anyone who is thinking about hurting or killing their children reads this and knows that this is exactly what they have to look forward too. You’ll have no place to run and no place to hide. And believe me these guys will have no mercy on you.

  69. Jammie Marie Wagner

    Karma bite him in the larynx!!!

  70. Skip Fredrick

    Congrats to the cell mate.



  72. Nancy Roy

    Dee Matthews….just a quick question what would be the easiest…best way to help this guy.

  73. 4dees

    What goes round, comes round.

  74. Hill Billy

    How can the charge his cellmate? ! Honestly that waste of space should have had a death sentence, if anything he deserves to be rewarded, they protect these monsters and punish good people, makes me sick

  75. dmoney

    He reaped what he sowed

  76. Cynthia

    KARMA will getcha! I remember this guy and I predicted then that he would meet KARMA while incarcerated. Thanks,Brandon, for delivering KARMA to the killer of that precious baby!

  77. ladyluck278

    One word KARMA. Always comes around good or bad, double or more.

  78. Sarah

    Good! He got what he deserved for doing what he did to that poor baby. I hope he suffered. People like him disgust me! There are so many people out there who can’t have children and would love to have had that child. These dirt bags deserve to get exactly the same as what they put their victims through.

  79. Sarah Slye

    Good! He deserved it! All child murders and pedophiles need the death penalty, nothing less! And, not by that joke of a lethal injection…firing squad, hanging, or even electric chair will do. Oh and within 2 years, so that they could be allowed 1, and ONLY 1, appeal. Christ forbid, be hearing those bleeding hearts coming out of the woodwork crying about how these pieces of shit “deserve” their appeals. No. 1 appeal, that’s all they should get. And when found guilty a 2nd time, off to the chair or rope or firing range.

  80. *****Queen2B*****

    Thumbs up to the man who beat this POS who killed that precious baby

  81. Herbalist30

    I think this prisoner did everyone a service and took up the slack on the appropriate punishment that the justice system failed to give. That baby deserved better justice than his “dad” living off taxpayers money the rest of his miserable, undeserving life. This prisoner just became that innocent child’s deliver of justice. Good for him.

  82. Im just the janitor

    Someone give the man that killed him a medal or at least reduce his sentence

  83. Ultraman

    Nice to see swift justice. I’m glad there are psychotic killers with a touch of decency.

  84. CrimeWatchMpls

    Every now and then the criminal “justice” system really does work. Next.

  85. Michael658

    Justice served. Too bad this douche canoe couldn’t have stepped in front of a train before he killed that child.

  86. WillGill

    The POS died thinking the same thing his 7 month old son thought!

  87. James Dye

    Ironic how the criminals are so concerned with vigilante justice

  88. Georgia Deal Holloway

    Justice served

  89. Paula Roberts Curcio

    No loss there.

  90. Greg Cavalcante

    Oh that’s just terrible. Prayers to danny-boys family.

    • Stating The Obvious

      You’re joking right?

      • Greg Cavalcante

        Oh my! Yes STO! I most certainly am joking. If it were up to me, once found guilty he wouldn’t have even made it to jail.
        You take a life=you forfeit your own. Easy math.

  91. souponastick

    He got what he deserved. -Karma

  92. Henry Alfonso

    he got charged with a crime????? dude should have gotten a medal!!!!! one less baby beater skinner dead

  93. Miss Mitzi

    If you read more articles about this you’ll learn the inmate didn’t kill for reasons as noble as justice. He was supposedly hoping to get sent to another prison. Also, regardless of whether or not you think what he did was just, it doesn’t change the fact that he was sent to prison for 18 years for assaulting an innocent person.

    • Stating The Obvious

      “He was “supposedly” hoping to get sent to another prison” LMFAO!!! That is the funniest line I read on here. I personally don’t care if he was “supposedly” wanting a damn cheeseburger, he killed a baby killer and that is all I need to know. Finally justice in the justice system.

      • Miss Mitzi

        Never said anything about that. All I said was that, regardless of whether or not you view his actions as just, it doesn’t make him a good person.

        • Stating The Obvious

          Ummm yes you did. Your second sentence: “He was supposedly hoping to get sent to another prison.”

          • Miss Mitzi

            I know I did. Point being that his actions weren’t anything noble and that he got into jail for doing terrible things. He killed a guy, we don’t even know if he knew the crime that was committed. Regardless of whether or not that guy deserved to be killed, it doesn’t change the fact that his cellmate who killed him went to jail for serious reasons involving assaulting people.

  94. Jeanne Laurin Crawford

    If it were my child, he would made it to court

    • Jeanne Laurin Crawford

      not make it to court

  95. Bill Giolando

    Nice he choked to death

  96. michaele

    Hell,why charge the prisoner with murder,he did what any person would do when they murder a baby who can’t fight back hell,I would pour hot grits on his ass

  97. Bruce Prosser


    Real justice is served

  98. rick

    should be giving his cellmate an award for killing this piece of shit

  99. Colleen Plant

    This man should be given a medal , any judge that convicts him of murder should be ashamed, just think of the untold agony that 7 month old baby suffered, I would have done exactly the same thing, god bless him, an eye for an eye, I do not condone murder but in this case yes I do

  100. J.R. Turner

    Harden criminals maybe criminals, but most even the ones who have killed other people, do not stand for hurting children, and some are even willing to face more time for making a confessed child killer pay for the innocent life taken. And given the nature of the man who is charged, family is important in his world. Maybe we do or do not agree with the event going on as it did, but I will understand “IF” Wilson made the mistake of bragging about what he did.

  101. Mary Mooney

    Shame he didnt do it sooner.

  102. Teasip

    Give the cellmate a medal for ridding he world of some serious trash. Karma can be a real nasty thing.

  103. Dr. Hfuhruhurr

    There’s an old saying: “If karma doesn’t hit you trust me…..someone else eventually will!”

  104. Dr. Hfuhruhurr

    Karma’s a bitch!

  105. Tim Duchaine

    How do i put money on this Hero’s account in the commissary?

  106. Anti muzrats

    well done, hope the bastard suffered

  107. Alkuna

    Put me on the jury. Verdict: Not Guilty

  108. Richard Hall

    i see no problem here

  109. supertramp

    Let the man go now,sounds to me like he made it all square with the house…..

  110. juco42

    And the people who didn’t think the man who raped and killed a 3 month old little girl didn’t get enough time in jail, I told them that he would get his justice in jail just as this one did.

  111. Larry

    While this is great news, it makes me doubly disappointed in the Ohio Prisoners who are housed with Curtis Clinton who should be acknowledged as a serial rapist and murderer. He has be allowed to live on death row for several years now, while the beautiful 23 year old mother and her two children are in the ground. He raped the 4 year old daughter and strangled her and her 2 year old brother, after raping and murdering their mother. He had only been out of jail for a short time after serving way too little time for killing another young lady. Week or two before his triple murder, he raped a young teen. This black war on white women is really getting out of hand.

    • Danny Maiorani

      The black war on white women is getting out of hand? What the fuck are you talking about?

      I’d love to see the numbers from your highly scientific research.

      • BostonBean

        Bill Cosby drugged and raped almost exclusively white women.

        • Happyradish18

          Wow you must be right then, a single high profile black man does it, so that must make it a war between all black men and white women.

    • Frank Singleton

      What wrong Larry, you found out your girl like black coffee cream no sugar?????

    • Frank Singleton

      What wrong Larry, you found out your girl like black coffee no cream no sugar?????

    • Stating The Obvious

      Really?? Please explain to me how this article is the platform for black/white war. If you want your opinion to be heard and excepted try staying on track.

      • Herbalist30

        “Accepted”- but I’m in agreement with you. Either prove your point or don’t say such racist, generalized comments.

      • okiechik

        Stating the Obvious – Larry is just another troll trying to light the fire of racism. Probably took time away from the computer to wash his white sheets and hood for the cross burning tonight.

  112. Robyn Norris Matthis


  113. Dyan Nelson-Haugen

    Best story of the weekend! More of these people are allowed to suck our taxpaying $$$ to keep ’em in prison for 10-15 years so they can get out and do it again. Too bad this doesn’t happen more often, perhaps before they get to prison, they are taking up too much bed space!

  114. Dee Dee Moor

    Karma…..He couldn’t beat a grown man like he did that baby.

  115. Kamster

    What?! That cellmate did us a favor! Maybe get the cellmates to do the job that the laws can’t!

    • peter jennings

      Yes the law has let down alot of people all over the Wotld

  116. SylviasDaddy

    One time when the punishment really DID fit the crime!

    • BostonBean

      Not quite. His death was faster, and a lot less painful. That baby suffered horrible injuries. Plus an adult has a chance to defend himself. The baby at 7 months had no defenses.

      • SylviasDaddy

        You make a valid point.
        I reason from the premise that a criminal’s punishment should resemble his crime:
        Someone who takes property that doesn’t belong to him should have his property taken.
        Someone who injures another should be injured.
        Someone who commits murder should be killed, preferably in the same way he killed his victim.
        In the present case, the hoodlum beat his victim to death, then someone beat him to death.
        I find that much more to the point than having the hoodlum serve a prison sentence, or take the needle/hang/fry/smother/get shot …

  117. Ed Chaput

    I love a nice feel good story.

    • Radu Tanasescu

      Well, our “hero” will spend many more years in prison for his crime. I would have rather he didn’t, perhaps he had a family waiting for him outside or simply wanted to rebuild his life. Now he’s going to be in jail much longer. That’s far from optimal, and no I do not suggest he be let free but rather that problems should be solved without violence.

      • J Merc Lee

        It’s nice to be peaceful sir. But try having a few kids of your own. And see what you would be saying if someone were to kidnap or do harm or worse to them…. Not that I would want that to happen to you or anyone. Only (Just saying) I’ll let you marinate on that a while…. The fucker got exactly what he deserves. As for the inmate that has to stay behind bars longer, it was his choice to serve true justice or let a mother fucker kiddie murderer keep attacking him in his cell. Since they stated that the child murderer was attacking his inmate, that inmate may be off and charged only with manslaughter, or let go with time served under act of self-defense. Don’t believe all stories you hear or see online as well. It’s up to the courts and judges to decide. Either way, it’s just another piece of trash that the earth finally got rid of!!!! Sad to actually find true justice while actually being locked up inside PRISON! Nuff said…….

      • Jill

        He was probably in there for life already.

  118. Ed Chaput

    I oove a nice feel good story.

  119. Brett Lovejoy

    Charging the inmate for being kind enough to put a rush on his death penalty? Should’ve lowered the inmate’s sentence for that!

    • Mary Elizabeth Rogers

      They wouldn’t have killed him. It was a baby. In our country its not a crime to kill a baby. We have devalued their life by allowing millions to be murdered by abortion

      • David

        Precisely…kill a damn lion though, and all bets are off. Freakin’ bizarro world

      • Charlotte Cihlar-Teets

        You’re full of shit. A bleeding heart hell-bent on spreading the same old archaic propaganda, no matter how insignificantly in relevance it relates to the original subject at hand.
        the differences are so momentous and distinctive that it is redundant and idiotic to attempt to prove any point by categorizing &/or comparing them. Unless you’re point is to make an argument for you’re tendencies to repeat .

        • Rick Tankersley

          You sound like Hillary when she tried to describe her greatest accomplishment.

        • Jennifer Gann

          All the big words and you misused you’re lmao

          • Chad Mark Brickner-Latham


          • Charlotte Cihlar-Teets

            Your comment is shit since I was telling that person “You are full of shit.”

          • Dom Olivera

            I think she was referring to the second time you used that word when you said “Unless you’re point is to make an argument…”

          • Seven30

            And the 3rd time when she said “…you’re tendencies to repeat.”

          • Seven30

            “Unless YOU’RE point is to make an argument for YOU’RE tendencies to repeat .”

            My work here is done.

          • Joel Velasco

            “you’re” means…. you are… “your” means…. it belongs to you

          • Seven30

            No shit…well, I’ll be..

          • meyo


          • Joel Velasco

            Here I’ll use them in sentences… You’re stupid. means…. You are stupid…………………. Your intelligence level is very low. means… The very low intelligence level belongs to you.

          • Seven30

            Ok. Now use the examples that I copy/pasted and explain to me how “You are point…” or “you are tendencies” are grammatically correct. Because I was OBVIOUSLY referring to her last two usages of “you’re.” Not the first one that you can’t seem to read beyond.


          • Seven30

            I love when people think they’re being clever, until they go back and discover “Oh shit…I fucked up on that one.” I LITERALLY copy/pasted the passages that I was referring to. Yet YOU’RE over here stuck on her first usage of the word…the usage that I AM NOT referring to.

            Now, let’s continue this discussion about low level of intelligence. But first, let’s brush up on that reading comprehension.

          • Seven30

            YOU’RE awfully quiet now, Shakespeare….what happened? ? ? ?

          • Stating The Obvious

            You obviously have no clue otherwise you would know that YOU’RE wrong in YOUR use of “YOU’RE” in YOUR last sentence “Unless you’re point is to make an argument for you’re tendencies to repeat .”

          • Stating The Obvious

            She used a lot of big words and rhetoric so obviously she is smart.

          • Herbalist30

            Well, except that some of her big words, like momentous, didn’t really fit in with what she was trying to say…. Js… lol

          • BluePotion


          • DISQUS-ted

            I didn’t notice that when I first read it. But…in her defense, she used it correctly once!

          • okiechik

            Yeah, no she didn’t….so maybe you just need to shut up and study some grammar Einstein.

        • meyo

          Please you have all yo can we can’t afford to have your kind around , Too many democrats now.

      • Kat

        Don’t like the convo so you change the topic? Raise your Freak Flag, girl!

      • Howard Snidbiscuits

        that’s a pretty bizarre thing to say – actually, he was in prison for killing a baby, because it’s a crime to kill a baby.

      • Jacklyn Hogan

        can you not ride your hobby horse into every discussion?No one has devalued babies by having an abortion. If anything it has increased the value of life. And I don’t hear you yodeling on about all the millions of starving children suffering in the world today…You want to save a child..adopt one and love it.

        • Dwight Neisler

          Listen to yourself, you make no sense at all. Killing babies improves the value of life?

          • Seven30

            You ever notice how people create laws and wildlife reserves for the protection of endangered species? (Drops mic)

          • meyo

            Talking about her miserable life.

          • Naomi Hatfield Bigwood

            How is *your* uterus, Dwight? Just wondering. Since you seem to be an authority on women’s issues, you MUST be an actual woman, right?

          • BluePotion

            I am pro choice (and a woman) and have several family members and friends I supported through abortion. But let’s be honest here killing them does not improve the value of life. It may avoid problems but there isn’t any actual improvement.

        • Christy

          Children in this country have been devalued. A woman can use drugs while she is pregnant and the child is born addicted, this child now has a LIFETIME of obstacles to overcome. All she gets is a visit from social service. She should be charged as if she had out a needle in that child’s arm. You can abuse a child and terrorize a child to the point the child is removed and still DSS wants to attempt reunification. As an adult this would not happen to you. I have adopted from the system 5tumes so I have a first hand knowledge of what I’m talking about. If one of my children had been beaten to death I don’t know exactly what I would have done but I don’t think a cellmate would have had to have beaten him.

          • Dahmerama

            I agree with you about the sorry state of social service agencies serving the children of this nation. Regarding your first point, however, would it be better to throw the mother of an addicted newborn in the klink?

          • Teresa Daniel Sigler

            Ocean Mom, the woman who drove out into the Pacific Ocean to kill her 5 kids and her unborn baby has not seen them in 2 years and now she is fighting to see them.
            They need to adopt them out to a good family to take care of them. They took her baby when she had the baby and I think they should never be with her again, because she almost killed them. If it hadn’t of been for a couple of good Samaritan’s, they would of all drowned.
            Thank God in court last week a judge turned down her request to see them, even supervised visitation. The first chance she gets, she will kill them!

          • Christy

            So are the MANY problems that a child will need to endure because his/her parents couldn’t get it together. OR better yet choose NOT to get pregnant at all. Don’t justify bad behavior until someone starts dumping drugs in our water supply it is still a choice you make. If you choose to go down that path then it’s YOUR choice but the minute you CHOOSE to have children then your personal habits/addictions are affecting another human being and should be treated as such. (Including alcohol and cigarettes) I would not legally be able to force you to take drugs but that is EXACTLY what a mother does when she chooses to use drugs while pregnant. Children born addicted or have been exposed to drugs as a child are 10 times more likely to become addicted and 60% more likely to end up in jail.

          • Christy

            Yes and on birth control

          • Delani

            You are so very detached from reality. I’m the daughter of an addicted mother. I’ve been in the system thanks to high horse riding, accusatory, clueless people like you. Do you want to know what that’s like? Even when your mom gets clean, you can’t go home for years. You have to jump through hoops and beg and cry for a visit. You have to wonder why you’re not good enough to go home. Every item you own is kept in a trash bag. You smell like garbage bags when you go to school. If you’re lucky, you get a decent foster. If you’re kinda lucky, you get a ‘decent’ foster who occasionally likes to beat the crap out of you- lots of those. The not so lucky of us got shoved in group homes like some kind of inconvenience. Clothes that fit? You don’t need em. Shoes? Nah. God forbid a single person act like they care about you, after all, like YOU said, us children of addicts are worthless just like our parents, right? You said you fostered children? Did you ever watch what they had to go through? You’re right, foster kids have a higher chance of turning to drugs- here’s why: The taunting at school? No christmas- or, occasionally, someone might put you on the angel tree or the police might bring you a GARBAGE BAG of presents.. because just like your stuff, you’re trash. I can’t stand people like you. You keep looking down on the rest of us, and one day, you’re not gonna see the wall you’re walking into.

            So yeah, I’ll take my mom, who fights to stay clean, over some high riding white coat saviour wannabe any day.

          • Christy

            I happen to know very well what’s like but I’m on the other end of it the foster parent that has a child crying for a parent that doesn’t put their child first and a child that will in some cases have long lasting effects of drug use. I can promise you that children that lived in my home had NEW shoes, NEW clothes, NEW toys, went on vacation, had Christmas. I don’t know when or where you were in foster care but as far as the trash bag is concerned foster children are REQUIRED to have a suit case. You may call me whatever you like but I will continue to speak out and advocate for children that can’t do it for them selves.

          • ThomasPaine

            Always two sides to a story. Addiction is a severe medical condition. Separate issue than murder.

          • Christy

            So are the MANY problems that a child will need to endure because his/her parents couldn’t get it together. Better yet choose NOT to get pregnant at all. Don’t justify bad behavior until someone starts dumping drugs in our water supply it is still a choice you make. If you choose to go down that path then it’s YOUR choice but the minute you CHOOSE to have children then your personal habits/addictions are affecting another human being and should be treated as such. (Including alcohol and cigarettes) I would not legally be able to force you to take drugs but that is EXACTLY what a mother does when she chooses to use drugs while pregnant. Children born addicted or have been exposed to drugs as a child are 10 times more likely to become addicted and 60% more likely to end up in jail.

          • Charlotte King

            That’s bullshit and partly your opinion. For the last 3 months (and until the day I die) My boyfriend and I put our lives on hold to raise his 3 month old nephew while his mom is raising his 15 month old nephew bc his sister was careless and very selfish (which is nothing new) and put herself and her wants ahead of her kids and abused narcotics and our precious little miracle was born with all she was doing in his system. DSS came and had the babies placed in my boyfriend’s. Mom’s home away from there mom. And it is up to us (even though he came into this world addicted) to guide him in the right direction and teach him right from wrong. I thank God above everyday that he came into this world with no complications. So again it is mainly your opinion thinking that kids brought in this world like that will end up being addicted or have a 60% chance of ending up jail. Hell you never know (and I pray for you that it doesn’t happen) one of your kids may or could end up in one of those predicaments. Aha

          • Christy

            It’s not BS is a fact look it up. It is our job to guide them and their chances of not returning to the life they were born into increase if they are NOT returned to the life. I have been working with children that are in the system for nearly 20 years I adopted 5 children; 3 were born addicted or exposed; I know what I’m talking about, from experience. And one of my children has been to jail and one of my children has had a problem with addiction.

          • Charlotte King

            That’s bullshit and partly your opinion. For the last 3 months (and until the day I die) My boyfriend and I put our lives on hold to raise his 3 month old nephew while his mom is raising his 15 month old nephew bc his sister was careless and very selfish (which is nothing new) and put herself and her wants ahead of her kids and abused narcotics and our precious little miracle was born with all she was doing in his system. DSS came and had the babies placed in my boyfriend’s. Mom’s home away from there mom. And it is up to us (even though he came into this world addicted) to guide him in the right direction and teach him right from wrong. I thank God above everyday that he came into this world with no complications. So again it is mainly your opinion thinking that kids brought in this world like that will end up being addicted or have a 60% chance of ending up jail. Hell you never know (and I pray for you that it doesn’t happen) one of your kids may or could end up in one of those predicaments. Now in saying all that if I may have taken that in the wrong context then I greatly and deeply apologize for anyone that I may have offended in anyway. As you can tell this is a very touchy subject for me. It irritates me to the fullest for people to ASSUME or JUDGE someone bc of their past, their parents, how or what they were born into, who they are related to, or who they may associate with. People need to start understanding that just bc of certain circumstances or situations a person can still walk a straight line. Again if I may have offended anyone I’m so sorry.

          • BluePotion

            I work with children born to drug addicted parents and they have a lot of emotional/physical issues. Glad to hear your nephew is OK.

          • Delani

            You’ve never actually met an addicted mother, have you? You sit here and keyboard warrior all day long, but I bet you haven’t once volunteered at a nicu or rehab facility. You know how I can tell? Because people who know addicts, who have helped them, been there while they wretched and shook and screamed and cried.. people like that, that make a difference instead of spending all day accusing people with their silver spoons.. those people know what it’s like. They try to help. They ask, what got you here? They help mothers who are addicts walk away. They get them to a clinic, or a medical partnership that prescribes things to keep the WITHDRAWAL from KILLING the BABY they’re carrying. They DO SOMETHING besides whine on the internet about the devaluation of lives they know nothing about.

          • Christy

            I actually have, I’ve also been there when a child went through withdrawal who had NO CHOICE WHAT SO EVER in if it wanted to use drugs or not. so please climb down from your high horse and understand that not all experiences are center around YOURS!!

          • Delani

            Just like they aren’t all centered around YOURS. Maybe take a look at your own words there.

          • Christy

            Nothing in my posts were specifically directed at you because I don’t know you. Please don’t assume you know me. You obviously have had a different life experience than I have your experiences form your opinions and mine form mine. I’m done with this conversation.

          • Delani

            Oh, and I was an addicted baby. My mom was on heroine.

            I’ve never touched a needle in my life, I’ve never touched any drug.

            So you can kiss my absolutely clean record, and shove that straight up your BS statistics. (None of which are even remotely correct)

          • Christy

            Good for you!! But the statistic are correct.

          • Delani

            I’ve spent about an hour trying to find a single statistic that matches up with what you said. So far, the only place that even comes close is an evangelical website that’s already been called out for lying about it… maybe that should tell you something.

          • Christy

            Of course it doesn’t exist because it isn’t on the internet. There are other forms of informarion

          • dee matthews

            I agree I am an addictions counselor most people don’t understand or believe it is a disease…

          • BluePotion

            But what if he were under the influence of his addiction when he killed the baby? Like the lady on Spice?

          • dee matthews

            Not where I live, those days are over sister.If a woman is pregnant and has drugs in her system or delivered and had drugs in her system.She is promptly charged with child abuse and endangering the life of a minor. The baby is taken from her and put into foster care…Kids still have been devalued tho, poor educational systems sh*tty curriculum and they allow child abusers and rapists two and three chances at parole to come home and do the same thing again and again. There are cats in prison for selling drugs that have 25 and 30 years. Mean while scum like Jared Fogle who admitted to having sex with kids as young as 9 years old only receive 5-12 years. If that isn’t devaluing idk what is…

          • Christy

            You are right pedophiles and child molesters are unredeemable and will never be rehabilitated. They should be treated as such and never be allowed in the general population again.

          • grammadiamond

            Amen Dee!!!

          • Mike Soard

            With the heroin epidemic being so bad, addicted mothers who give birth to addicted babies now get nothing here in KY. They rate them on a scale and if the infant is not bad enough they let them take them home. If they are to bad, they keep them there until they can pass the scale and the mom comes and gets them. It is sickening. To each their own and I understand that. But that is a helpless baby that has no choice other than the one your making for it. Life has totally been devalued.

          • dee matthews

            I live in Bmore the heroin capitol and they do allow the mother to go into treatment and follow some other protocols in order to get her kids back. While that’s good most never get off drugs and leave their kids in foster care. After years of that the mother either gets the kids or a family member. If and when the mother gets clean the kid is full of resentment and they never develop a good healthy relationship. That is sad, then think about the ones that stay in the system and never experience love and nurturing. They become the cold hearted person that kills robs and or rapes another human being. The world is full of people that only needed some one to love them. Sad only begins to describe that situation and what it turns into…

          • grammadiamond

            I wish that mothers who take drugs/drink/smoke cigarettes and/or weed while pregnant, SHOULD be charged with murder, or assault, on their children. These things are ALL choices, and they CHOOSE these things over their babies!! I realize that all of these behaviors are addictive, but if you REALLY want to, and your unborn child is a PRIORITY in your life, you will stop! If you can’t, or don’t want to, then you don’t DESERVE to have a child in your care or custody! As far as that scumbag who beat his baby to death, the cellmate who killed him, deserves a MEDAL!! Good riddance!

          • peter jennings

            I totally agree with You one less scum in this sad world

          • Delani

            Spoken like someone who has never met an addict.

            My mom was forced to take drugs by my dad. He abused her in every possible way, and kept her doped up to keep her quiet. Don’t you dare say a word against people who’s situations you know nothing about, you can ride your high horse off somewhere else. She spent years getting help and getting her life back in order, and people like you have done nothing but try to break her. You’re the scum who would rather kill off everyone who makes a mistake than see what they’re lives are worth. My mother uses her home to take in the homeless who need shelter from the Good Samaritan offices. She helps addicted mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, find a treatment program that works for them. She runs, every year, a deli style line for Christmas Dinner out of her own home- last year she fed more people than the Samaritan and the Sally (salvation army) did- over 150 people. So don’t you dare go assuming just because someone has an addiction they are somehow less than you. Tell me, when was the last time you let homeless people take a bed in your home? When was the last time you nursed someone through the DT’s? Oh? Never?

            I’m shocked.

          • grammadiamond

            As a matter of fact, I have done BOTH of those things, and more than once. And I have no idea what a man beating his child to death, has to do with your mother. I never said anything about being “better” than ANYONE, and I have probably helped more people in my lifetime, (fed them, housed them, clothed them, nursed them back to health, AND yes, the DT’s as well) than you have even KNOWN, in YOURS. I have opened my home MANY times to people who have needed my help–relatives, as well as strangers, and I have been burned EVERY time, so don’t YOU talk about things of which you have no knowledge.

            The people of which I AM speaking, are people who CHOOSE to take drugs while pregnant, NOT those who may have been forced to. If you want to be mad at someone for what happened to your mom, and need to rant, then maybe you should save that for your Father, whom you say, forced your mom into addiction, not me. I am sorry for what she may have had to go through, but I had nothing to do with that.

          • Delani

            I’ll just bet. Truly. Like I said, if you knew what you’re talking about at all, you wouldn’t be using words like ‘choose’ or ‘want’. Funny how you tell me not to assume things, when you’re whole first paragraph was NOTHING BUT ASSUMPTIONS about me.

            Sorry, but no, I don’t believe you for one second. Because you don’t wish death on people who hurt. You don’t wish death on a mother in an addiction spiral, and you sure as hell don’t make fun of them for it.

          • grammadiamond

            Ok, it’s obvious you feel the need to play this silly game of yours, and I, for one, am too mature to play it with you. I don’t really give a happy damn one way or another, whether you believe me or not. I gave you the courtesy of a response after your first post, but I won’t make that mistake again. I don’t have to prove anything to you, or anyone else, for that matter. You obviously feel the need to be mad at someone, and for some reason, you’ve chosen me. So glad I could help! You must have a really fun life, with your self-pity party and all. Enjoy your day!

          • Delani

            Silly game. Yeah. Your hate and almost phobic, virulent cruel words against people you don’t know is so entertaining.. oh, wait, sorry- the correct words would be needlessly hurtful, and dramatic.

          • Tracy Dudlik Hyer

            And mothers who have done everything they can to ensure a healthy child can have one with devestating illnesses or disabilities. Neither will get shits worth of help for that baby.

          • BluePotion

            In NY we have an entire program for children that require such help. It’s part of the public education system. We have parent training as well.

          • Delani

            Actually, in most states it’s a felony to do drugs while with child- and impossible to fake the test as they use the embryonic fluid to test.

            Don’t want an abortion? Don’t get one.

            I have endometriosis, severely. I got pregnant one time and it nearly killed me. So, should I just let myself die even though the fetus is not and would NEVER be viable?

            Again, don’t like abortion, don’t get one- BUT don’t you dare look down on me from your ivory tower of self stated perfection and tell me what to do with my body.

          • Christy

            Never said anything about abortion….

        • Lori Seabrook Jackson

          very well said…

        • Greg Cavalcante

          You have a clever way of tellin’ folks off. Well played Jacklyn.

        • RJ Duncan

          lol I’m going to reuse your “hobby horse line” love
          the sarcasm

        • Judi

          THANK you for saying that. Ugh.

        • Aida Dumenigo

          Agreed…and laughed all the way through your colorful argument. Loved your flair with words!

      • Alex

        abortion isn’t murder you stupid fuck

        • meyo

          Said he from idiots already born.

        • Ashlynn

          This is why when I miscarried my baby at 8 weeks it had arms and legs and pupils right? DO YOUR RESEARCH “STUPID FUCK” Your embryo is a baby as soon as conception. Only time abortion is okay in my book is MEDICAL excuse. Other than that your a killer for your own convince.

          • Mamas Angels

            Medical only? What about rape and incest? Would that also be for your own convenience? JW?

          • Ashlynn

            Incest is a choice. rape would be medical. I would say psychological.. but i still feel like its still their choice to get rid of someones life for their own convenience. Especially when theirs many people that cant have children and would love to adopt!! I used to think it was okay for rape victims until I lost my own child and seen they are still alive as soon as conception and realized there are many people that would love to have a baby when people kill off a perfectly healthy child.. Sounds cruel, insensitive and selfish to me.

          • Amy

            Um no. Rape is not a choice. Getting pregnant through rape is NOT a choice. Carrying the baby from a rape can have severe psychological effects on the woman who has to carry and birth the child for years. Also, most times incest is not a choice. Children as young as 9 are having periods, which means they can get pregnant. Still think that’s a choice? Making a woman carry a baby in those situations sounds cruel, insensitive and selfish to me

          • Ashlynn

            MEDICAL. obviously some people can not read, or know the definition. psychological is also medical, Like I said. Also I was one of them “9 year olds” that got a period. and a rape victom. Your point is? This has nothing to do with ending a unborn childs life for my own selfishness. Nor changed my mind about the matter. And CHOOSING to END a UNBORN childs life is a CHOICE. Good day now. Im done talking to people that thinks its okay to kill babys that have arms and legs and pupils at 4 weeks, nor can comprehend what i am saying. If you havent been through the situation, I wouldnt speak on it. Now you all should move on to the REAL subject of the article and have a wonderful day (:

          • Mamas Angels

            Thank you! Finally a voice of reasoning.

          • Mamas Angels

            And it’s people like you and your way of thinking that makes this world a screwed up place to live in. Saying incest is a choice tells me that you agree with it. Why do I say that? Because you’re implying that the incest victim wanted it and allowed it and when they become pregnant then they some how could have prevented it. Sound messed up? Well that’s because it is. Stop giving me the same old sob story about people wanting to adopt. If this was a valid argument then there wouldn’t be so many kids up for adoption and in the system until they become 18. Alot of “unwanted pregnancies” turn into babies being born and thrown aside and abandoned and abused. I’d like to see you tell an incest victim the same thing as you said to me. “there are many people that would love to have a baby when people kill off a perfectly healthy child.. Sounds cruel, insensitive and selfish to me.” Our society is more worried about abortions than they are about the kids that were born from an unwanted pregnancy and are tossed aside, abandoned, abused to name a few things. It’s the living child that’s going through these things that need our help not an embryo.

          • Invisi Blgrl

            Listen lady, I was raped. I was impregnated from that rape. There was nothing “convenient” about the abortion I went through. I drove myself, was given a couple of Motrin, had the procedure, and drove myself home. If I hadn’t had the ability to have an abortion I would have killed myself. Short of tying me to a bed for the pregnancy and delivery there would have been no other way to keep me from killing myself. But pro-lifers don’t give a rats furry ass about that bit. Never mind that a woman is traumatized beyond belief and will be dealing with that experience for the rest of her life, it’s all about the fetus, screw the victim. I’m sorry you lost yours, I really am, but please have an iota of empathy for women who have been raped. It’s not a decision of “convenience”, often times it’s a decision to self preservation. It certainly was on my part. Good lord this garbage gets exhausting to read over and over again. Convenience….ugh.

          • BluePotion

            Rape and incest also.

        • RocketMan

          actually It is. If you take a life of a living creature it is murder. It may be legal murder, but it is still ending a Human beings life.

      • Seven30

        So, explain how the man was in jail serving a life sentence for killing a baby, if “it’s not a crime to kill a baby?”

        Didn’t think that one through much, did ya? #WhenPushingYourAgendaGoesWrong

        • BluePotion

          Why do you all do that? You are smart enough to know what she meant. Arent you?

          • Seven30

            Why do YOU do all that? You’re smart enough to recognize that she should make statements that make sense. Aren’t you?

      • Jessica Wells

        don’t start that shit…

      • Larry N Tammy Hiebert

        ya da yada yada

      • Tracy Dudlik Hyer

        When you are ready to feed, educate, support, and provide medical and other care for all those “millions of babies” then you can preach. As long as you are just about forcing women to be brood mares and then turning your backs on the results, shut the fuck up.

      • Amy Doss-Andres

        No we haven’t. You’re stupid.

      • CherMoe

        Aborted zygotes and fetuses aren’t living, human persons who suck air and have their entire nervous system in place, their fully functioning brain, etc. Take some science or biology courses. Everybody who claims to be pro-life are fakes, because they don’t value living, breathing children enough to make sure they have food, clothing, shelter, health care and an education. Walk the walk. The same people who talk against abortion are the same ones shooting up people at clinics and the ones going into schools and movie theaters gunning down dozens of people. And they all claim to be “Christians.”

      • Delani

        Wow. That’s possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • dee matthews

      No doubt he saved the state a ton of money trust me if he has good institutional conduct they’ll let him cop out to something under 20. Nobody likes a fuck*n child abuser, then this creep killed his own blood…

  120. David

    Think about this now. If he had killed that little baby just 8 months earlier, he wouldn’t have gone to jail and he’d be alive today. How is that justice? For the baby? For anyone?

    • Dwayne Arthur Helmick

      dumbass much

      • David

        So witty, mom help you with that twit?

        • Danny Maiorani

          I don’t think it’s a strawman arguement at all. I’ve used planned parenthood probably 5 to 10 times in my life with girlfriends or alone to get std tests, condoms, birth control, pregnancy tests, never once an abortion.

          I wouldn’t want a girlfriend or my wife to get an abortion, but also I don’t think it’s right to force a woman to have a child who will be neglected and abused and unwanted their entire life.

          Women in particular then typically grow up with a hole in their soul they attempt to fill by being promiscuous and the cycle continues.

          Now, if you nut job bible thumpers practiced what you preached and adopted more children then maybe adoptions would be more common, and abortion wouldn’t. That’s generally not the case.

          • David

            Don’t have a bible to thump. See, here’s the thing, they want to hand out condoms and std tests, fine. Plenty of other places for that other than a slaughterhouse. What’s hard to understand? Murder is murder.

          • peter jennings

            No body here mentioned about the stress and truma that alot of women go through because they had a abortion.There are plenty of people out there to take babies that women dont want to keep.So little or no need for abortion

      • James

        You say that because you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how to think. No ability to reason = your post, which amounts to DERP!

    • Kimberly Guy

      Agree with Dwayne. That is a totally different fight Dumbass!

      • David

        You agree with twit? A pity

        • People online are big and bold

          Go back to protesting women that are just trying to get a free checkup from planned parenthood.

          • David

            Rrriigghhttt…because that’s what we’re protesting. Way to try and use a strawman argument though. Keep trying, you’re almost coherent

          • People online are big and bold

            So, you’d rather see children abused and assaulted in an adoption system that does not work? Don’t tell me it does because children, CHILDREN are raped and beaten every day in foster care. Scaring a woman that does not want a child out of an abortion or even the knowledge, the birth control, and free health checks that planned parenthood provides is the right answer. You can’t tell me that you ask women who are going there what they are there for. You just make assumptions because you’ve got a slanted view of what that organization is for. Are there better choices than abortion? Yes, does that mean you have the right to tell a WOMAN she can’t have one? NOPE. That day will never come.

            Why are you even here? You’re trolling everyone on here with a dumb issue that has nothing to do with this article.

            Keep trying I’ll almost consider you a real person instead of an asshat that is trying to force his beliefs on someone else because he “Knows” he’s right.

          • David

            I don’t recall trolling anyone asshat. One comment and the loonies come to play. You know damn well what planned parenthood is all about. Plenty of places to get medical care other than the charnel houses. That’s what obamacare was supposed to do, remember, asshat. Justifying the slaughter of children so you can say “well at least they’re not being abused” is sick and twisted and you know it.Those children that are murdered aren’t the problem and they’re not the criminals. They don’t deserve death, ever. When you want to bring to the table a real argument, try a truthful defense of the wholesale slaughter of children. Then we’ll debate as “real people”, otherwise, bugger off. I already know the rationale ghouls like you use to get yourself to sleep at night. Couldn’t care less. Murder is murder, think on it asshat

          • People online are big and bold

            LOL, someone’s mad.

            If you don’t recall trolling anyone perhaps you should read your other comments.

            I do know what planned parenthood is about, they provide women options for the care of themselves at little to no charge. The slaughter of children? OK. Obviously that’s how you see it. Don’t get an abortion. Are there better options than abortion? Sure. That doesn’t mean it should be banned. It’s not my choice, it’s not your choice, it’s not the woman down the streets choice. It’s the pregnant woman and her family’s choice. If you don’t like it don’t worry about it. It doesn’t affect you, AT ALL.

            Abused children are not an excuse, they are a reality. On that “Pro Lifers” don’t tend to talk about or address. Making abortion illegal would only increase this problem. People will continue to have children that they do not want. We will then have more and more people with mental health issues that then abuse their children and the problem will only get worse as they cycle continues.

            Do you eat meat? Murder is murder after all?

            At what point is an life a life? Should men be burned at the stake for masturbating? They are spilling their seed. That could have been a child. Your murder is murder argument is only valid to the kind of person that would agree with you. There are already laws in place to protect embryos that would feel pain. Again, there are better options than abortion, however it’s not our decision to make. You do not know the circumstances and I’m guessing you don’t care. It’s still not your choice. If you still don’t like it, go protest congress. Don’t protest, and harass the poor women who are just trying to get affordable help from a trusted and truly helpful place.

            Ghouls like me? LOL I sleep at night because I haven’t tired to invade anyone’s rights. I haven’t tried to shame them for getting help. I haven’t formed lines of angry people that scare the shit out of teenage girls who just want answers or options. I haven’t tried to force my beliefs on someone else. I don’t believe that my beliefs are a law to be forced on other people. How do you sleep at night?

            Yours truly,

            Mr. Asshat

          • chaotik_lord

            *thunderous applause*

          • Amy

            A thousand times, thank you!

          • Jacklyn Hogan

            Put a sock in it will you?

          • Amy

            Ok, so I use planned parenthood because even with Obamacare, I still can’t afford health insurance. I have issues with cysts on my ovaries, so I go through them to get birth control to keep them under control. I have also had pre cancer cells on my cervix I have had to have removed, which planned parenthood set me up with a dr to do it at low cost. Without this service I could be in serious trouble. That’s 95% or more of what women go to planned parenthood for. Who are you or anyone to try and take that away from women like me who need it. If it weren’t for them, I could have full blown cancer!

          • Vinita Thonen

            Adoption is not foster care. People adopt because they really want children. The problem with Planned Parenthood is that they are receiving federal money, when federal law states that federal money cannot be used for abortion. Because most of us do not wish to fund murder, you know. They told the public they provide services they do not provide so they could continue to receive funding. They claim to do free mammograms, when in fact, they do not even have the machines to do them. Other than abortion, every service they provide can be obtained in any local health clinic, free of charge, or at reduced rates according to income.

          • Jacklyn Hogan

            Vinita, you are either REALLY misinformed or lying through your hat. Adoption is not foster care, you are right in that but some adoptions are generated from foster parents wanting to adopt their foster children. But none of that has anything to do with Planned Parenthood Clinics. Where on Earth did you gather your facts or are you simply repeating something you heard. PLEASE check your facts before spewing forth such drivel.

          • Dahmerama

            PP never claimed to “do free mammograms”; like any other doctor’s office or clinic, they refer patients to radiology providers.
            I’d rather my taxes go towards PP than any of the “pregnancy crisis centers” that receive federal funding.

          • Jessica Wells

            I agree completely. This discussion has taken a different turn off course. Abortion needs to be explained to some people who do not see all the other factors considered when abortion is chosen.

      • Jessica Wells

        you can’t argue with stupid.. save your energy

  121. Lucien J. de Calonne

    WhaHOOO!!! Finally some real Justice!!!

    • peter jennings

      It is great to see real Justice it is a pity that We have not alot more of it .It might make this sad world of Ours a better place to live in

  122. Sherri

    Possibly…. To bad. He needed to stay alive to be beat everyday for the rest of his days

  123. marls1950

    maybe the inmate was defending himself from getting killed, like the mans infant son…….lets hope it was self defense on the inmate’s part.

  124. bigremo

    Saves the taxpayers a bunch of money plus we have one less dirtbag. Charge his cellie with a crime? No, post his prison address so I can send him some commissary money.

    • Serrecko

      Brandon Kulhanek
      11593 State Hwy O
      Mineral Point, MO 63660

      • Kat

        I thought that, too ~ but he’ll be in Ad Seg for some time.

        • Adam Dahl

          You get commissary in the hole in prison just not in County and I hope you guys talking about putting money on his books and just talking out of your ass because it’s a big deal and just don’t say it unless you’re going to do it that’s all I’m saying

          • Steve Arnold

            I’m sure they don’t really mean it B-rad.

          • wastedmercy3

            lol B-rad lol that’s some funny shit

          • dee matthews

            Nah you get commissary if you’re on administrative lock up,if you’re in isolation, no store goods only cosmetics. One jump suit, three shirts, three boxers and a bible or religious book. Three stamps

          • Seven30

            This dude knows…

          • kingdiamond

            Depends on what state your in and why your in administration segregation being that he committed murder your post is spot on .

          • Shane Beesley

            I still send 50/month to Dylann Roof for commissary. They are pretty legit at making sure the inmate gets the donations, most places you can even make sure they have the funds available.

          • Cindy land

            Depends if your state or fed also

          • Duncan

            And what state

          • Linda Lenox

            Potosi is in Missouri.

          • Anthony Hart

            But that money will stack up and he could be more comfortable once he works his way down in levels, well if its anything like michigan…

          • Heather Rae Langlois

            Depends if you are in County Jail or Prison and the States are all DIFF..DAMN EVERY PRISON AND JAIL IN WISCO IS DIFFERENT.

          • Carol Ann King

            I am sorry for you that you know that info…

          • Warren Stallings

            spoken from an Obama voter who should know

          • Mama_of_2_ballplayers

            What does him voting for Obama have to do with anything. Thats just an ignorant statement you just made

          • civilwar1862

            I believe his reference to obama[sic] suggests that liberals who voted for him (Liberals) are generally in favor of compassion for criminals, and the fact that this administration seems to like setting offenders free prematurely. Whereas more Conservative voters have no compassion for violent offenders and no problem with this child murderer being beaten to a pulp in prison. Child molestors and murderers are no more popular in prison than on the outside.

          • Rainbow Dash

            I surely dont see a democratic gang or republican gang in prison…

          • civilwar1862

            I’m not talking about the prisoners. I’m talking about the feelings of voters and their concern – or lack thereof – for those criminals once they’re there, in prison.

          • Rainbow Dash

            I agree… THIS IS NOT a political thing… THIS is a RIGHT or WRONG thing so dont bring any voter crap into this situation warren

          • 4406pak

            I don’t like barry ,but what the phyk does that have to do with it? …I’d hate to have you on my jury if in court ,I’d be guilty or I would not be there is your limited mindset.

          • Seven30

            Only cosmetics though…can’t get food packages or food items from commissary in the box…

          • Pamela Jo Maples Banaszak

            You can in the county jail I worked at. I was a seg officer. We had county and feds

          • Seven30

            Really? That’s odd. What’s the point of isolation if the inmates being penalized are given the same privileges as general population inmates? I guess that’s one of the reasons why many inmates don’t consider “county jail” as being jail. Totally different animal altogether when you get to the state and federal facilities.

          • Heather Rae Langlois

            Shit they make enough money off selling the commissary at County and State level..they don’t care…loololol

          • Seven30

            Got that right…lol. Especially county…the prices at commissary are ridiculously higher than state prison commissary.

          • Anon

            The isolation is the punishment, clearly you have never been locked away with just your thoughts before its truly fcking torture.

          • Seven30

            No, it’s not. Especially in friggin county jail, where “isolation” may not even be “keep lock” & you may merely be “ad seg.” As for me never being locked away, unfortunately you incorrectly assume. Midstate Correctional Facility SHU 200. The only torture was not getting my food packages and only being able to order cosmetics from commissary. Stop watching Shawshank Redemption. Most people in the “box” are “on the gate” all day carrying on conversations. You just can’t see each other unless someone is being brought in or moved. Doesn’t sound like you’ve experienced it yourself, Which is a good thing….keep it that way.

          • Dutch550

            I think you can be put in ad seg for your own protection, too, like if you’re gay or trans but it’s not as dree as regular prison and sometimes guys will take their chances just to get out of ad seg.

          • Seven30

            You can definitely sign in to p.c. for those specific reasons, pretty sure you can sign in to ad seg as well.

          • Larry N Tammy Hiebert

            They only give you commissary items such as personal hygiene and items used for mailing purposes such as stamped envelopes when you are in solitary or admin segregation.

          • dee matthews

            Nah my dude administrative segregation only means you’ve been taken out of population for administrative purposes/reasons. It could be a refusal to obey a command or some one coulda written a note (to the administration)on you, or you could have been accused of or been part of an investigation or incident. Either you’ll pack all your stuff and be escorted to that wing or building,or they’ll pack it for you and send it to you while you’re there. It depends where they apprehend(for lack of better term) you once they find you. Then you’ll be kept there until the investigation is over. In which time you’ll be put back into pop, be shipped away or put on the transfer list in which you’ll keep your property and leave with it . Or,in the case they found you’ve done something, you’ll get a ticket and you’ll have a disciplinary hearing. At which time they will either give you store phone or some other restriction, take some good time from you(if you have any)then they will release you back into pop. If you’re sentenced to isolation they’ll take all your property leave you with what I said above. Three pair of boxers three t shirts,sox, stamps & three envelopes. One bar of soap one towel one wash cloth and one jump suit and one bible or religious book. You’ll only have access to legal mail all other mail will be waiting for you when you get back into population. You may only purchase cosmetics and stamps depending how many you already have. If you’re kool with the orderly/house man or what ever he’s called in your state’s penitentiary he’ll trade some of those items off for you for store goods ie food, or maybe some jailhouse wine, cigarettes maybe a joint or two whatever your pleasure(it’ll cost you dearly tho). Stamps are very very valuable in prison becasue they can be redeemed for cash so goes the myth…Btw I am 51 have been out of prison for 19 years and have a college degree but, when I was there I had my share of trips to lock up mostly for cursing out and beefing with the COs. Oh yeah a couple times I got knocked off for trafficking,once it was two pans of 1/4 inch thick fried bologna and another a pan of sticky buns lol…God knows I never ever want to go there again but it wasn’t all bad all the time especially working in the kitchen…some of you cats know what I’m talking about…does anybody know if this is this dudes real info I would definitely send him something and hit him with a few kites. There is nothing like a letter when you’re not doing well…wow I totally got caught up in this one…

          • Rick Cash

            Interesting stuff I never knew. Let me ask, does he get special treatment from the guards for doing what many would love to say they would do?

          • Poe16

            Do you just send cash to the address listed or.does it have to be a money order. I am sending him some money because I have an infant son and pregnant I can’t imagine a little boy dying in the hands of his father in such a cruel way, the pain and fear he must have felt.

          • Linda Lenox

            You can look up the Missouri State Prison website to find out all the rules for sending money. You need the man’s ID number, and his location in the prison on the envelope you send. The rules are very specific and it has to be correct. In Mo. State Prison, it has to be a money order made out according to the rules. Potosi is a maximum security prison, and where executions are done.

          • DOCCOI

            Potosi doesn’t juice them anymore. They’re housed there until the day before then sent to Bonne Terre to be juiced.

          • Carol Ann King

            LOL, you did get caught up……:)…

          • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

            This fkn loser talking crap.. i should rip all his shit apart on here.. but we will post this dumbass’s record all over face book.. his job.. his family.. then will will attack everyone on this losers friends list.. be ready… we do not forgive.. we do not forget.. expect us.. your gay porn mags will be delivered to everyone you know.. so as to make sure you get them… watch your jobs mail closely too..:) ANONYMOUS/LEGION

          • BluePotion

            Who are you referring to?

          • Sleeis

            He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is just another loser posing to be something he is not. Also, the kid is easy to track, so don’t depend on him for any sort of CS skills. He doesn’t even know how to conceal his IP Address from us.

          • Carol Ann King

            Apparently I don’t either….someone help me and tell me how to conceal my ip address?

          • Sleeis

            You are a joke. Any real person, whom is capable of doing such things, would not brag about it. That person also would not state that he/she is in a group responsible for doing it. Seriously, your location is listed, because you’re using your own device’s MAC Address, as well as your personal IP Address. I’m an engineer, if you’re wondering. You have no idea what you’re talking about, kid, so please move along and let the real people have a conversation. You probably wouldn’t even know the first steps to DoS or DDoS. Have fun telling your lies to people. 🙂

          • Seven30

            This dude’s an animal…Beautiful takedown, my friend.

          • 4406pak

            I hear midol will help with the mood swings….

          • Jeff

            Don’t get commissary in the hole in Arkansas. But he can make him a good spread when he gets out

          • Crystal Noland

            This man beat his 7 month old baby to death there is no sense in that. I am a mother of 7 children and could never harm them in any way. I would be grateful to the man for defending my child, because I would do anything in the world to protect my babies. Sometimes things come back to you when you do harm to children. Why should he deserve to live when that baby didn’t have a chance.

          • Kathy

            Damn we know what her n her old man been doing, bless u, 2 was enough for me

          • IzDaTroofz

            please stop mulatto breeding more criminals

          • Pam Ellis McAtee

            Thats right, an eye for an eye. I’m happy he got his karma

          • Sharon Wisdom

            He wasn’t defending a kid that had been dead for 3 or 4 years already. He was avenging his death, if the kid had anything to do with it. 7 kids? Stop having kids. There is no possible way you can afford 7 children and it is physically impossible to spend quality time with 7 children. There is not enough time in the day, especially if you are working a job, or are the rest of us paying for those babies? You couldn’t possibly earn enough money just to pay for daycare, so don’t tell me that you and the hubby are doing a great job of raising those kids.

          • Warren Stallings

            have you ever thought of just giving bj’s?

          • 4406pak

            Or like you …take it in the ass…LOL

          • john adams

            I mean if the guy killed him because he got into a fight over not flushing the toilet then maybe he doesn’t deserve anything. If he did it because the guys a piece of crap and murdered his son, it’d be more justifiable. I didn’t see the article specify.

          • Heather Rae Langlois

            Exactly..please don’t say you will put on someone’s books unless you ARE GOING TO …..IT IS A WAY TO SURVIVE IN THERE…

      • dee matthews

        Nah they’ll return it you have to know his state ID number…

        • Jason Nagy

          You can usually look up their ID numbers by name

        • Melissa Martin

          1004407 / 2A-18
          Potosi Correctional Center
          11593 State Highway 0
          Mineral Point MO 63660

          • Montyedits

            So what is the process for sending money? Cash, check? Money order? Is there a maximum you can send? Does it need to be personalized or can it be anonymous?

          • Maria

            You have to have a return address unless you send it westurn Union or money gram it costs about 6.00 to do it that way

          • ZZCOOL

            how do you know all this

          • dee matthews

            I’ll def hit him with a kite and find out if he needs bread. When I left prison 19 years ago they were starting to charge inmates for medical. As state property you should be covered but hey who am I? Anyway sometimes dudes owe the sick call co-pay and refuse to pay it(like me) therefore they have all their money sent in someone else’s name. I never will forget being imprisoned and how you need someone on the outside,some more than others. Therefore if I can help a dude that’s doing time I have no problem,unless he’s a child molester, creep or scum then I withdraw my assistance…

          • Chris Cash

            Brother Dee, come check us out on . Could use your knowledge and insight. I am novaguy28 there hit me up.

          • dee matthews

            My man, yo I just saw this I’ll def check that out my dude…

          • LoomisDoyle

            You need to write a book man.

          • Tina

            How do you define a creep or scum. Like what draws the line? Because half these dudes have kids …who they decided to put on the back burner while they made some really shitty decisions that lead them to prison for however many years. They left their kids out here fatherless.. pretty much falls under scum or a creep to n e no?

          • dee matthews

            While I can’t deny that happens, I can’t condemn someone that made a mistake. Then I can’t condemn someone that makes the same mistake again because they don’t know any better. My comment was directed at child molesters child rapists serial rapist people that killed or intentionally hurt innocent people and injure and prey on elderly people. Anyone that committed a despicable crime as this dude the article is about is a creep and scum. Now I hear your plight and as I sat in solitary confinement I saw the parking lot,in that parking lot would be girlfriends baby mothers fiancees and wives visiting every weekend,these were the ones holding their men down visits phone call smoney sneakers etc,while imprisoned. I would applaud the sister(black white spanish or other) for visiting her man in jail sometimes dragging the kids with her but the reality would hit me. That reality would be that dude “probably’ will go home to her house (maybe their house) everything will be lovey dovey and within a month he will prob hit the street and or find another women or go back to prison while never keeping the promises he made in prison. Sister I hate it, when I came home(at 34) I never looked back never sold drugs again never carried guns never did what I used to do as a teen and in my twenties. I remembered that helpless feeling you have when your family needs you but you can’t help them. The tears in your wife’s and mother’s voice when you call and you gotta go,the time I missed with my son,therefore I never returned to what got me there. I came home worked with addicts homeless people juveniles chemically addicted juveniles etc. I have a certificate in Human Services counseling and am an addictions counselor so I have lived on both sides. As I said I can’t explain or justify a dude neglecting his family for the streets then ending up in prison,remember most of the times we only are able to make choices according to the information we have. That information is based on our surroundings our peers and our environment and upbringing. Some times we need to be careful of the mates we choose sometimes we make those choices based on needs wants or having nothing better to choose from. I have a 30 year old nephew I raised until his father came home from prison then I went to prison,his pops came home then died after three years. He just came home after doing four years he has been to prison 3 times and he just turned 30. He is home and instead of remembering and following the positive example his pops led and the positive life I lead he’s back around the same dudes that didn’t send him a nickel when he was down. He’s back slinging and not coming home to his wife and son. I told her when he came home that if he goes back to those cats to leave him cut your ties and take him downtown if he fails to provide for his son. That is the best and fastest closure your gonna get. Some time women think about all they invested in a man when they should look at the man he is and make a choice to leave him before things get worse. Now that is prob what you’re calling a creep or scum I suppose and you have a right to your opinion. I meant(those I would support) the people that made mistakes and decisions based on what they knew best but have changed their way of thinking, and trust me sweetie behind them walls or fences is often the best place for hard head people like me to do so. Those individuals I will def not hesitate to help during their prison stay but those that fit that are not invited…

          • Christina Marie Snell Baldivin

            So awesome to see a man like you has turned it all around and helping others!

          • Bigedub101

            Glad u stayed out brother and some people don’t know or want to change and all u can do is hope for best and feed them something positive to think about. Mens and boys gonna do them.

          • raynne storm

            Kudos to you to turning you’re life around.

          • Heather Rae Langlois

            Great job staying out and on the right track.. 🙂

          • Carol Ann King

            I am so glad you turned your life around, and I hope you are enjoying the life you have now…..

          • Leslie Sirag

            “behind them walls or fences is often the best place for hard head people like me to do so”.
            Our son (adopted from foster care at 12, and with a pretty terrible childhood) spent most of the years from 18 to 25 in prison for stupid stuff. One day when he was 25 he looked at us during a visit & said “I don’t want to do this any more.’ We said good choice, now what?
            He got out at 26, got a job, got married, had a kid (who’s with him & his current wife for the summer & of whom he may be getting custody) worked (he’s always like to work) at various jobs, now at 39 is a banquet manager for a fancy hotel, paying taxes & child support, & generally keeping his life together, which of course makes us very happy.

          • Rainbow Dash

            If you beat your own son to death there aint no line to should pay the ultimate price and that,s the way it should be…again…good for him!!

          • Rainbow Dash

            good for you dude…. we need more like you around

          • Amy Quade

            Curious how you got that?

          • Delani

            All you need is the name and it is a ten second search on the roster for whatever county and state he was arrested in.

          • Amy Quade

            Just curious how you obtained his ID#?

          • Anthony Hart

            Matter of pyblic record.

          • Carol Ann King

            I posted and I hope someone sends him a Thank you card….with money orders…

          • Hasanda


      • Poe16

        Do you just send cash to the address listed or does it have to be a money order?

        • Delani

          Right under your comment is his address and information for commissary checks. And if you do send something, you’re awesome. Because from what I’ve seen this guy hit a hard spot and did something desperate, or at least that is how his record reads. 🙂

      • Esther Witnik

        Thanks. I dropping him 20 bucks for commissary

    • Melissa Martin

      Brandon Kulhanek
      1004407 / 2A-18
      Potosi Correctional Center
      11593 State Highway 0
      Mineral Point MO 63660

    • *****Queen2B*****

      I agree with you.

    • Pdub

      Absolutely, I’ll pitch in

    • Dede Smith Dennis

      How do you know this guy wasn’t in for something just as bad or even worse? Better let things go their own course.

      • Amy Doss-Andres

        Exactly what I thought. What did they guy do to get in there to be the child killers cell mate?

        • Delani

          He was in gen pop- not protective. Which means that the guy he was next to could have done anything from having drugs on him- usually marijuana, to car theft, or just some kind of fraud or lying on federal forms- there’s a million felonies out there. BUT-

          Kulhanek has a history of prior charges including a class B felony of violence to an employee or inmate of the Department of Corrections in August 2014, assault in the first degree with serious physical injury, resisting arrest, robbery and probation violations.

          Keep in mind that ‘assault to an employee or inmate’ includes spitting on them, calling them a name, or many times, just looking at them the wrong way. My mother was placed as a violent offender because when a guard hit her, she took his hat and wouldn’t give it back until he apologized.

      • dee matthews

        I can’t imagine a dude that murdered his own son would kill the dude that did the same thing. Instead they would most likely form a bond and it’ll be them against the world I guarantee…

      • Delani

        My mom and dad are career felons- and there’s a rule to them all.

        If you hurt a child, whatever you did to them gets done to you.

      • Delani

        That is so sad. It took me two minutes of googling to find out that his cell mate was in for theft- one count- after which all of his offenses were parole violations. Which, from the pattern, is what you see when someone is homeless and can’t find a way to survive. Many institutionalized people are either homeless vets, or people who were homeless, did something to try and get out of that situation that was less than legal, and then just find it easier to go back to jail than try to beg people to give a felon a job.

    • StankyChikin

      Think I’d wanna know why dirt bag 2 was in prison before sending him cash.

      • Delani

        Mostly parole violations, from the bookings I found online- however, I left a more detailed comment a row above yours.
        Its a prison rule. You hurt a child, you get yours. It’s why people charged in child molestations or murders are usually placed in protective custody, or they flat out lie about what they’re in for.

    • clepto

      You are a fucking moron. You should join them in prison ya hypocrite. Do you even know what his cell mate was in prison for?

      • Delani

        Minor violations- mostly parole. You can break parole literally by being out past curfew.

        Just because someone is in prison does NOT make them a horrible person. My mother is a felon. She went to jail because my grandma wrote checks on a business account and mom took the blame. I know another woman who was in with my mother, She was in jail because her husband forced her to shoplift to support his drug habit- beating the hell out of her not only before she went in, but when her and mom were in the halfway house he tracked her there and nearly killed her. Oh, and about 70% of inmates are in prison for drugs. Which can be anything from smoking a joint and getting caught to handing your mom a pain killer because she can’t afford a doctor. Not to mention the MANY homeless veterans, male and female, who purposefully break the law just so they have three hots and a cot.

        So, maybe you should go to prison for a while. Give you an idea about what really puts people behind bars before you make villains out of all of them.

    • tattooedone1

      his prison name is in the story, his name is in the story, look up his inmate number at that prisons website and make sure you read their directions for inmate funds as some will only use money orders from wells fargo and such, to be honest? the inmate will more than likely love it, most that are in prison for more than 3 years no longer get anyone outside of the walls to send them a letter let alone any funds.

    • Deborah Bogan

      Hmm. I wonder if they should selectively consider who to place in this guy’s cell.

    • Diego Neri

      Unfortunately it’s the opposite the fucker who killed the child got off easy there was no way he was ever getting out since he sentence was for the rest of his life therefore by killing him he let him escape early other then making him suffer by living in prison for the rest of his life

    • Mary Muna

      Set up a gofund me for his legal defense…lol

  125. Sadonna Randolph Rose

    And why is the inmate charged, he only done what everyone else would have done, that was an innocent baby that man killed.

    • Ann

      He only done…..where does one get educated in this manner?

      • Cyndee Simmons Temple

        it’s actually the dog in the picture talking; tough to type with those paws you know

      • Mary Elizabeth Rogers

        In the hills of Pennsylvania… Near the crik where we warsh our clothes and watch the igle fly overhead

        • Ann

          It’s not picky. I’m mocking that person. I’m very clear on that.

      • J Merc Lee

        And that’s why your so much smarter then us all Ann 😉 Oh and remember… if you have kids or don’t have any yet. Try having some, then see what you would be saying or what you’d do, if some sick-o were to do harm or kidnap your offspring. ( Not that I’m wishing that would happen to you or anyone ) Only just saying….And if your the type that would say that you do not care. Point proven that your part the problem and are a self-centered selfish cunt. I’ll let you marinate on that a little while. Then come talk to us all about proper mother fucking grammar lessons and being ohhhhh so educated like you got your masters from Harvard, I bet you say bullshit like you got a I.Q of over 160 too right???……. Your just another ass hat spitting parasitical rhetoric noise of complete BULLSHIT! Nuff said ( Can’t handle profanity, dial 1-800-i-need-a-diaper-change ) Thank you and F.U

        • Catherine Ryan

          Betcha feel better after that. Bloody haaavaad, full of spitting ass hats with parasites making rhetorical noises eh, lol.

        • Ann

          You’re even too stupid to realize I mock your lack of grasping common English grammar.

        • voxveritas

          Shit! An IQ of 80 probably would have written something grammatically stronger than what you wrote! Try again when you’re out of elementary school.

      • okiechik

        Okay Ms. Grammar – go back to third grade and bully some little kids, you seem to be the type that might enjoy doing that or trying to prove you are so much more intelligent that anyone else, you must be a lovely person, troll!

        • Ann

          It should be illegal for you to write in public. It’s painful to the rest of us. You have a computer. Learn something.

    • Kat

      It’s not his job, that’s why.

      • Stating The Obvious

        Whose job is it? Because apparently society has become too soft on baby killers so it is left in the hands of convicted felons to do what our justice system won’t.

  126. Glenn

    as said, maybe in the bible? God works in mysterious ways. This man paid the price for murdering his son!

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