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In 2014, Father Of Bombing Suspect Told Police That His Son Was A Terrorist

In 2014, Father Of Bombing Suspect Told Police That His Son Was A Terrorist

The father of the suspect in three bombing incidents last weekend prompted an FBI review in 2014 when he called his son a terrorist, according to The New York Times.

Mohammad Rahami made the statement to New Jersey police after his son Ahmad Khan Rahami was accused of stabbing his brother in a domestic dispute, The Times reported, citing two senior law-enforcement officials.

The comments were passed along to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, led by the FBI, according to The Times. FBI officials interviewed the father, but he recanted his statement. An official told The Times that Mohammad Rahami made the comments because he was angry at his son.

Ahmad Khan Rahami spent three months in jail on charges relating to the domestic dispute, a law enforcement official told The Times.

On Monday, Ahmad Khan Rahami was arrested after a gunfight with police in Linden, New Jersey, in connection with three bomb incidents in New York and New Jersey.

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