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Autopsy Results In Milwaukee Mean Nothing To The Liars

Autopsy Results In Milwaukee Mean Nothing To The Liars
 The revelation by the Milwaukee County medical examiner that confirmed that the man fatally shot by police last week was hit once in the chest and once in the arm confirmed the accounts by Chief Edward Flynn just 24 hours after the incident.

The death of Sylville K. Smith’s sparked riots in the Wisconsin city.

Immediately after the shooting, there were allegations that Smith was shot in the back. Police refuted that and said that Smith had fled a traffic stop, was armed with a handgun, and had turned toward an officer when he was shot.

Unfortunately we have seen time and time again that the truth doesn’t matter.  Those that want to divide and race bait will stick to their lies.  We still see “hands up…don’t shoot” being discussed from Ferguson and none of that was true.

The hope for the liars is that their “shot in the back” story continues to sell because some buy the lies and those that buy cannot be helped.  They hate everything that law enforcement stands for.

Our only hope is that the liars will be ignored.  Sadly, we know that won’t happen anytime soon.

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  1. Unity Nowe

    Coming from the largest group of liars ever to inhabit the planet, I find this to be hilarious

  2. spike

    I’m just guessing that the old saw – “follow the money” would apply here. “Organizers” move in supported by the “non-profits” (they profit by donations for the “cause”.) who get the malcontents and others who have no goals, excitement, accomplishments and urge them on a tear! Folks have said “why do we burn down and destroy our own businesses, homes, cars”- but did that finally mean lets stop this nonsense and get an education and get a life? Not the latest quote I read that said “go to the suburbs and start destroying”. Then it’s obvious it has nothing to do with the whether the initial act was justified or not, it’s the excitement of the moment and a reason to get up in the morning and the non-profits that live off this sort of psychology continue to exist. It’s devastating for our country and for all the innocents who are trapped in those troubled zones by the welfare system that was supposed to give a boost up and out.

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