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5 Killed In Wrong-Way Crash Were In High School

5 Killed In Wrong-Way Crash Were In High School

Vermont State Police say a man driving the wrong way on an interstate highway crashed into a car, killing five people, all high school students. Minutes later in the same area, a man stole a police cruiser and struck seven vehicles, injuring several people while driving the wrong way.

Police apprehended 36-year-old Steven Bourgoin at the scene early Sunday.

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A school co-principal says the five teenagers killed in a crash caused by a wrong-way driver in Williston, Vermont, were all high school juniors.

Harwood Union Middle and High School co-Principal Amy Rex says four of the five attended Harwood Union High School in Duxbury. She says the fifth victim is from the community, but attends a different school.

Rex says the deaths were “an unprecedented tragedy” and that all were vibrant members of the community with bright futures.


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