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The Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is more than caffeine in a cup. It also has potential health benefits too.

Chronic Fatigue: What To Do About It

Being tired all the time is no way to live. Especially in your high-risk job. Let’s break down what Chronic Fatigue is and how to fix it

Deskbound: Law Enforcement Standing Up To A Sitting World

When I became a police officer, I soon realized the stark contrast the non-athletic community lives in. Injuries in a police department are often seen as a “pre-exiting” issue.

Nonprofit Donates $100,000 Scholarships To Houston Police Department After Police Suicide

Fit First Responders (FFR) is a nonprofit that offers physical training, mental conditioning, and professional counseling to America’s police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, and National Guard on their online platform, www.FFRonline.tv.

Fit First Responders: The Step Up

Today your FIT FOR DUTY. FIT FOR LIFE exercise of the day is the step up.

Fit First Responders: The Hanging Leg Raise

Today your FIT FOR DUTY, FIT FOR LIFE exercise of the day is the hanging leg raise.

Travis Yates Talks ‘Fit First Responders’

Law Officer Editor In Chief Travis Yates and police veteran discusses various issues with Coach JC on the Fit First Responder Podcast.

Fitness Expert Launches Website for First Responders to Win in Life

Fitness Expert, Coach JC, launches FFROnline.tv, a website dedicated to empowering first responders to be fit for duty and fit for life.

Study: Police Stress Leaves Officers Vulnerable To Disease

For most people, cortisol, the vital hormone that controls stress, increases when they wake up. It’s the body’s way of preparing us for the day.

Fit For Duty And Fit For Life: The Four F’s

As a First Responder it’s your duty to BE YOUR BEST! You are a warrior and every single day you MUST be ready for battle.