Cuba Gooding Jr: “I Cried Today”

Cuba Gooding Jr:  “I Cried Today”

Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr has spoken out in the wake of the death of Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa, with whom he previously posed for a photograph.

Zamarripa, 32, was among five officers shot dead by Micah Xavier Johnson in Dallas on Thursday as he shot police from high vantage points before holing up inside a garage.

On February 25, Zamarripa tweeted a photo showing him and his partner, both in uniform, with the star.

He wrote: ‘The great @cubagoodingjr. Thanx for taking the pic with my partner and I. Hope your stay in #Dallas was great sir!’

Gooding was asked by a TMZ photographer in Studio City, California, if he had a message for Zamarripa’s family.

‘The picture came out today,’ the photographer said.

Gooding responded: ‘I cried today when I heard that. I cried. That’s all I’ll say.’

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  1. David

    Well put Cuban, well put. Class act.

  2. koowah

    He is not the only one,

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