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Where Is The Outrage?

Where Is The Outrage?

Every honest, decent American woke up this morning and if they found out about the six police officers shot last night, with two fatal, their gut sank.

Six police officers, in three different incidents were shot simply because of the uniform they wore and the job they were sworn to do.

Consider this, most Americans will not know any of this.  After all, the media is too busy talking about Russia or wanting President Trump to condemn more hate groups.

And that is the first problem.

If any other group in America was gunned down because of what they looked like or what they did, every news channel in this country would be live streaming right now.  Imagine if pairs of African Americans were gunned down in three cities because they were black?  What if six school teachers were gunned down somewhere in America?

This country and the media would be all over the story and they should be!

So why the double standard?

Why is it that few treat law enforcement in a similar way?  Is it expected that cops will get shot and die?  Are we immune to it or is there something more evil involved?

First, the majority of Americans are good, honest citizens that support public safety and love their country.  If they wake up this morning and aren’t aware, there is a much larger entity that must be blamed called the national news media.

Secondly, there is another part of America that is evil, twisted and sick.  Good ole’ Bullethead won’t wrap up every social justice warrior in the evil category but these menaces to our society hide in those crowds.

And they hate cops.  Today they rejoice.  Some will rejoice loudly and some will just remain silent and keep the joy inside.

I’ve played with some of this miscreants in the past.  I’ve asked various leaders of these movements to renounce violence of law enforcement and they refuse.  Feel free to ask any of the usual suspects to renounce violence against law enforcement and get ready for silence.

Don’t get me wrong.  Bullethead has been around for a very long time and these wasted stains have always been here but it is different now.  They have the power of social media and they have the power of the mainstream media.

In short, it appears there are more than there actually are and their voices are thrown to the top in debates.

How will you know who these cowards are?

Today they are complicit.  Today they will not mourn and today they will be silent.

My message to law enforcement is thank you.  Thank you for doing your job in the midst of this evil.

My message to good, honest Americans is thank you.  Thank you for your support and your kind words.

And my message to evil is your day is coming.  Whether in this life or the next, you will be judged for your hatred and deeds and that judgement has nothing to do with the handcuffs you are so used to feeling.

In the mean time, law enforcement will not be deterred.  We will go to work today just like we did yesterday and will protect all regardless of who they are and what their level of outrage is.

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Bullethead has been writing for Law Officer for the past decade. From the controversial to the mundane, Bullethead always has something to say and what he/she has to say always seems to spark conversation.

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