Where Is The Outrage?

Where Is The Outrage?

Every honest, decent American woke up this morning and if they found out about the six police officers shot last night, with two fatal, their gut sank.

Six police officers, in three different incidents were shot simply because of the uniform they wore and the job they were sworn to do.

Consider this, most Americans will not know any of this.  After all, the media is too busy talking about Russia or wanting President Trump to condemn more hate groups.

And that is the first problem.

If any other group in America was gunned down because of what they looked like or what they did, every news channel in this country would be live streaming right now.  Imagine if pairs of African Americans were gunned down in three cities because they were black?  What if six school teachers were gunned down somewhere in America?

This country and the media would be all over the story and they should be!

So why the double standard?

Why is it that few treat law enforcement in a similar way?  Is it expected that cops will get shot and die?  Are we immune to it or is there something more evil involved?

First, the majority of Americans are good, honest citizens that support public safety and love their country.  If they wake up this morning and aren’t aware, there is a much larger entity that must be blamed called the national news media.

Secondly, there is another part of America that is evil, twisted and sick.  Good ole’ Bullethead won’t wrap up every social justice warrior in the evil category but these menaces to our society hide in those crowds.

And they hate cops.  Today they rejoice.  Some will rejoice loudly and some will just remain silent and keep the joy inside.

I’ve played with some of this miscreants in the past.  I’ve asked various leaders of these movements to renounce violence of law enforcement and they refuse.  Feel free to ask any of the usual suspects to renounce violence against law enforcement and get ready for silence.

Don’t get me wrong.  Bullethead has been around for a very long time and these wasted stains have always been here but it is different now.  They have the power of social media and they have the power of the mainstream media.

In short, it appears there are more than there actually are and their voices are thrown to the top in debates.

How will you know who these cowards are?

Today they are complicit.  Today they will not mourn and today they will be silent.

My message to law enforcement is thank you.  Thank you for doing your job in the midst of this evil.

My message to good, honest Americans is thank you.  Thank you for your support and your kind words.

And my message to evil is your day is coming.  Whether in this life or the next, you will be judged for your hatred and deeds and that judgement has nothing to do with the handcuffs you are so used to feeling.

In the mean time, law enforcement will not be deterred.  We will go to work today just like we did yesterday and will protect all regardless of who they are and what their level of outrage is.

About The Author


Bullethead has been writing for Law Officer for the past decade. From the controversial to the mundane, Bullethead always has something to say and what he/she has to say always seems to spark conversation.


  1. bob jester

    Trump is right,We have to change our way of thinking

  2. poppy coq

    I don’t understand the complaint. A google search shows the Kissimmee (fatal) shootings are on NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, The NY Times, the NY Daily News, the NY Post, Buzzfeed, the LA Times and USA Today. Most of those sites also mention the non fatal shootings. So the story is being covered. I’m sure they are “live streaming” the news in Florida but a suspect in Kissimmee is in custody. It would be ongoing national news if there was a manhunt. The nation will pick it up again when the funerals are held.

    Fortunately, the other officers shot in Florida and PA survived, but you can’t say they were shot “because of what they looked like.” The Jacksonville shooter was drunk and suicidal and shot through a door and the PA troopers were trying to apprehend a guy selling stolen property who turned and fired on them. Sad news, but it’s not a war on cops.

    • Jeff Heinz

      Yes it is, that one particular shooting you’re referring to yes was by drunk. But explain the other multiple deaths to cops throughout this country. It can only be written up as hatred for the cops by a group of minorities who twist the facts.

    • Lisa Baynes Adkins

      The other officer in Fla also passed away. Guess the news did not reach you.

      • Law Officer

        We covered the story, which happened after this article was published.

  3. LegalBeagle

    We’re defined as the enemy and the problem by the criminals and terrorists who have gotten the popular mass media to believe them. Part of that, a major and inexcusable part, results from the terrible performance of most command/executive level officers in standing up to them; getting the truth about use of force standards and events out to the public; and far too often, throwing their officers under the bus of political correctness because of their lack of moral courage. People who are allegedly prosecutors (like hell – they are not of my tribe and I would not claim them) have compounded this by their frivolous prosecutions. Tulsa, Cincinnati, Baltimore – shameful, and plenty of shame to go around.

    • Brian Holbrook

      You’ve defined yourselves as the enemy by treating the citizenry as if they are yours. I lost my ability to be outraged after the 50th video I watched like this: http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2017/08/18/euclid-ohio-police-violent-arrest-llr-orig.cnn I lost my ability to be outraged when you all defended the cops that beat Kelly Thomas to death while he was handcuffed. I lost my ability to be outraged on your behalf when I watch arrogant, under-trained, over-certain, intellectually challenged officers rush into situations and ham-fistedlly assert their authority with a moral certitude they have no right to possess. I’ll guarantee you that cops killed more citizens that Saturday than citizens killed cops, but you guys always have an excuse for that. I don’t want ANYONE –civilian or cop– to suffer any violence, much less be killed, but you are reaping the whirlwind of your policing practices of the last decade or two (or twenty, if one is a person of color). Try not coming up with ridiculous excuses for your own. Try not covering each other’s criminal behavior. Try treating the public as if they MIGHT not be criminal fucking dirtbags all the time. Or, just keep doing what you’re doing, whining about how we all misunderstand your dangerous, horrible, taxing, job. We understand it just fine. Some of us just stopped caring after watching your brothers in blue murder too many people. If you don’t like it, stop murdering people.

      • LegalBeagle

        What about the officer’s conduct in the video is improper? The offender was UNDER ARREST. As soon as he was told to face away, he came non-compliant, which as it usually does, led immediately to violent resistance. He cannot resist as he did, he must do what he is told and submit to handcuffing – it took roughly three minutes to get enough officers there to control him and get him cuffed. He was (is) a violent criminal. FORCE IS UGLY. Effective force is more so. That does not make it wrong. there can be no ties – the cop must win, every time, and they must use more force than the offender. Delay in the use of force is a leading cause of officer injuries and deaths – once it is time, as it was here, it is really time to apply force.

        I spent many years in the midwest, and saw racist behavior from lots of people that was just appalling. No question. A friend brought up as I was spent some time in the South while in Army, and likewise saw really awful behavior directed at his fellow soldiers who happened to be of color. But: research shows that cops are less racially discriminatory than private citizens, by a lot. Are Ferguson and other similar suburbs of St. Louis AFU? I believe so – I’ve heard of work by credible people (not DOJ, but people who know what they are doing) that shows major structural flaws in the operations of those towns. However, that does not make the enforcement actions wrong, unlawful, improper, whatever.

        You refer to murder by officers as if it is common, but without any basis for doing so. What is referred to as murder by kooks and the ignorant rarely is. American LE does not use lethal force nearly as often as it could (and by necessary implication, should) – by a factor of about TWENTY. There are maybe 1000 lawyers in the US who are qualified to discuss use of force, especially lethal force, and even fewer LE command officers. I’ll bet a lot you are not in the qualified few.

      • Sam J Saphiro

        Look at the statistics, more people get shot in this country by cops than other in the world. And most of them were unarmed and posed no threats whatsoever.

        • LegalBeagle

          That is an ignorant position, not based on facts or the law. The number shot is not relevant to the analysis at all. In fact, American LE uses lethal force far less than it could (and by necessary implication, should) – by a factor of about 20. “Most” are not unarmed, and that is not the test anyway, nor is the test about the actual threat in retrospect. It is about what the facts presented to the officer at the time and how those facts based on the analysis from the perspective of a reasonable officer lead to a belief that the force used is reasonable. The analysis of some unqualified clown from PERF, BLM, or other apologists for the criminally feral is not relevant or even worth of anything but utter contempt and derision.

          • Brian Holbrook

            Bullshit. I’ve seen HUNDREDS of videos of police misconduct, and in my own small town cops killed 5 people under questionable circumstances in 18 months. I’ve personally experienced the “comply or die” attitude and the arrogance that treats ‘contempt of cop’ as a crime. I’ve personally been harassed for standing up for my constitutional rights to LEO’s who’d prefer I just shut up and comply like the sheeple that accede to your authoritarian bullshit. You are a de facto standing federal Army occupying domestic soil; you are glorified fucking hall monitors with too little training, too little education, and in many cases, too little native intelligence for the job you’re being asked to do. That doesn’t stop you from attempting to do it in the most fascist, authoritarian way possible, does it? Your moral certitude is rooted in ignorance –either abject or willful– yet you ruin lives and communities myopically without ever stopping to question your directives. You’re simple functionaries who enjoy authority. You can fuck right off.

        • Samuel Fivey

          One of the biggest problems in the discussion currently is that far too many folks go off of their “feels.” You wrote “most of them were unarmed” – the Washington Post is least making an effort to track the numbers and while I not a fan of their summaries, for now their numbers are a place to start. So, remember “most” …
          2015 – 995 fatal shootings, 94 “un-armed;”
          2016 – 963 fatal shootings, 48 “un-armed;”
          2017 YTD – 663 with 31 “un-armed.”

          So, “most” isn’t really applicable.

          The un-armed numbers sounds bad until one considers that there are plenty of ways someone could still pose or reasonably be perceived as posing a deadly force threat. If you’re interested in how the use of deadly force against an “un-armed” person could be viewed as reasonable, take a look at the book “In Context.”

          One issue, that appears all too frequently, gets covered in “In Context” and that is agencies failing to communicate the realities of these events as well as training and policy. If we aren’t explaining these issues it is difficult to expect the public to understand.

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