Trump, Cops and the NFL

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way.  Everyone, everywhere in the continental US, has the right to protest anything and everything they choose to protest.  AND….everyone else, including President Trump has the right to tell the protesters to kiss our a$$.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to facts or, more importantly, lack of facts behind the protests of the oppressed millionaires.  Here are the facts as they state them:



Exactly.  Colin Kraperwhatever won’t debate.  He won’t answer questions.  Seattle’s number 72, a name that will not be mentioned in this column, never provides facts.  His brother, another NFL player claimed that he cried when he saw the video of 72 being handcuffed.  That’s it.  That’s all that happened.  He ran.  He got caught (which is a joke in and of itself).  He was detained.  He was let go.  Absolutely none of what he claimed happened was in any video presented.  And trust me, there were like 6,000 videos in that casino.

When your movement/protest is based on lies, you lose.

Remember hands up don’t shoot???  You have zero credibility.

Bullethead will tell you what no one else will.  It’s all LIES, LIES and more LIES.

Take this article that tries to center the focus on the police and away from Trump and the military.  They claim that minorities face a disproportionate amount of force as compared to non-whites.  Although study after study proves that statement wrong, including studies using FBI and Department of Justice statistics.  And before you get all crazy, these stats come from President Obama’s DOJ.  Trump’s numbers won’t be out until well after the end of the year.

But why bother doing what’s right and telling the truth?  The article also quotes number 72 as comparing his experience with police to Trayvon Martin.  It’s certainly not the first, and it won’t be the last statement to blame police for what happened to Martin.  He wasn’t killed by a cop.  He wasn’t killed by a white male.  And he himself was not innocent.  And as far as 72’s brother goes, the entire New England area cried tears…of joy when you bolted for Green Bay.  You were a total bust.

During the week, some celebrities have stated a desire to replace President Trump with Kim Jong Un.  Let’s think about that for a minute.  If this was North Korea, and those players refused to stand for the national anthem, would we be dealing with a president simply calling them out?  OR….would we have all witnessed every one of these players lined up at midfield and assassinated as well as those who refused to stand and applaud said massacre?  He wouldn’t even have let us do the thumbs up, thumbs down thingy that Emperor Comedus did.  I didn’t observe any cops billy clubbing any of these players in the back of the head today.  I didn’t see any on field police or military even mean-mug any of these nitwits.  Again, show some facts.  Think this through.  Or keep proving that this is all about agenda and false narratives.

The MSM is playing you.  Every last one of you.  They make you think that you’re making a difference.  But you’re not.  Since ole’ Krappy started his emmm..krap, what has changed?  Police shootings haven’t budged one bit.  How is that possible in this day and age when cops are being scrutinized and second guessed and video taped at every encounter no matter how petty?

Can you imagine the drama if we have a camera on every NFL player at all times?

Could it be that their use of force is in fact justified?  That’s not to say all use of force situations are justified.  Bullethead will call out scumbag cops everyday of the week and twice on Thanksgiving.  And therein lies a major problem with this nonsense.  For years, police have come to terms with and have fully accepted the sins of the past.  But we’re not gonna continue to be beat up by the same folks that demand Americans not hold DACA members responsible for the crimes of their parents.  But in the same breathe, tell us that we own stuff that happened anywhere from 50 years ago up to the beginning of time.

If everyone is a racist, then no one is a racist.  If everyone is a nazi, then no one is a nazi.


Oh…and PS… for all Pete Carroll’s pre-game virtue signaling, his team got wrecked by Tennessee.  Don’t let the final score fool you.  It was a whooping.  And the game naturally ended with number 72 starting a fight, classy guy that he is.  But I understand, everyone knows that Tennessee has the most racist offensive line or something like that (sarcasm).

Oh, and then you got the notoriously cheating head coach of Pittsburgh letting the world know that he and his team would not emerge from the tunnel until after the national anthem was over.  They then proceeded to lose to Chicago, a team that is as bad as it’s home city’s crime rate.

Then you got Baltimore who was joined on the sideline by their famous retired double murderer, kneeling arm in arm.  They got annihilated by Jacksonville.  Yep…you and me both forgot that Jacksonville still had a team.

Notice a pattern?  Karma holmes!!!

Bullethead has spoken.

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    > Bullethead will tell you what no one else will. It’s all LIES, LIES and more LIES.


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