Ford To Offer Police Car Doors That Stop Bullets

Ford has announced that they will be offering doors on its Police Interceptor sedans and SUVs that will stop bullets. They will be the first in the United States to meet the Justice Department’s highest standard for body armor, the equivalent of a bulky SWAT team vest. While Ford has offered factory-installed ballistic panels on […]

‘Mystery Machine’ Leads Police on High Speed Chase

Redding police are searching for a Shasta County woman who led officers on a chase while driving a minivan painted to look like the “Mystery Machine” from the cartoon Scooby Doo. The chase began Sunday afternoon after Shasta County Probation officials contacted police regarding Sharon Kay Turman, 51, wanted for a probation violation, according to […]

Is Slower Really Faster?

In the training, officers took two runs on a long and fairly fast cone course. On their first run, they drove all out, as hard as they could. These first runs looked fast, with plenty of sliding and tires screaming. On their second run, an in-car instructor told them when to brake, usually 20 to 50 feet earlier that what they had just done. These runs looked boring and uneventful.