So You Married a Cop

Field Training Officer (FTO) programs have been around for decades; the San Jose, Calif., model is probably the most recognizable. Ranging from 14-16 weeks, most FTO programs focus on recruits fresh out of the academy, letting them learn the ropes with an experienced officer on the street, as well as how to follow the paper trail at their agencies.

Emotional Survival

Police suicide is never easy to talk about, but with the two-year anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina-related suicides of New Orleans police Sergeant Paul Accardo and Officer Lawrence Celestine approaching, the issue needs some discussion. Accardo was one of the spokespersons for New Orleans Police Department in the early days of Katrina. Constant press coverage of the 1,500 officer agency and its performance in the days following the storm put a tremendous strain on the sergeant, who had worked with the public affairs unit for roughly four years, according to his chief.