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Travis Yates is a writer and editor at Law Officer. His Seminars in Risk Management & Officer Safety have been taught across the United States & Canada. Major Yates has a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is the Director of Training for SAFETAC Training.

The Obstruction Of The Police Officer

Did you hear about the disturbing event that happened yesterday?

The Death Penalty And Cop Killers

Admittedly, I didn't see a need for the Federal Government to step in and prosecute law enforcement murders. That is until today.

Magic Words Will Not Reduce Deadly Force

Law enforcement today is the most trained and most professional they have been in history.

Brutal But Necessary

The only option, as I see it, is exactly what the officer does. He uses strikes to the body in areas of the body that would not severely injure the suspect but it is designed for pain compliance to get the suspect into custody.

The Legacy Of Deputy Curtis Bartlett

Indeed, while just 32 years old, the Army veteran that had served in Iraq had already been a K9 officer, SRO and was pushing fitness to a new level in his area.

Chicago Police Superintendent Courageously Rolls Back His Use Of Force Policy

We aren't sure what prompted these positive changes but they are sure to bring the critique from those that know absolutely nothing about the profession.

Kaepernick Will No Longer Kneel And He Owes America An Apology

ESPN reported that after an entire season sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem because of police brutality, Colin Kaepernick's protesting is done.

Ohio Police Chief Tim Barfield Is The Leader That We Need

Wellington (OH) Police Chief Tim Barfield has decided not to comply with Governor John Kasich's standards for police policy in regards to the use of deadly force.

Meet The 56 Year Old Hero That Helped Save A Police Officer

When you think of the word "hero" you don't always think of a 56 year old woman listening to gospel music but that is exactly what a hero looked like Sunday morning in Baton Rouge (LA).

Do Police Body Cameras Reduce Misconduct Or False Complaints?

More often, police are seeing reduced complaints because citizens are hesitant to lie on cops when they know there is video evidence.