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Sanford Swanson began his career as a law enforcement professional in 2006 and currently serves as a patrol officer for his department where he is employed. Sanford’s professional experiences span areas of patrol, investigations, training/instruction, and supervision. During his tenure, he has found passion in the areas of community policing and training. As a veteran law enforcement instructor of several disciplines, he places an emphasis on officer survival and control tactics/techniques. He travels across the country, as an instructor-trainer, training officers in STOPS officer survival tactics.

What It Means To Be SHARP

However, once all of these tools are put together in concert, the level of effectiveness of each will experience a quantum increase.

The ‘Slow Churn’ Of Officer Safety

As law enforcement professionals stand firmly in the gap as the “thin blue line” between lawlessness and the quality of life, there will be several times when potential life-changing decisions will be made

Fear of the Unknown

As a police officer, every call is an opportunity to have your training and your tactics challenged.