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Captain Steve Neal (Ret.) served as a law enforcement officer in Virginia for 29 years. During his tenure he was fortunate to experience a wide range of assignments which included Uniform Operations, Criminal Investigations, Covert Operations, Director of the Emergency Communications Center, Director of Training, Support Services Commander, and Inspector for the Office of Professional Standards. Co-founder and partner of the Leatherman & Neal public safety consulting team, Steve enjoys providing leadership training for peace officers. In addition to his consultancy, he currently works as a media contributor; furnishing analysis, consultation, and crime commentary for television broadcasters. Steve Neal is the author of a great new book Toxic Boss Blues. www.ToxicBossBlues.com

Toxic Suck Up Boss: Straight Talk for Law Enforcement

Simply put, the toxic ass-kisser is loved by the boss, yet despised by everyone else.

Toxic Indecisive Boss: Straight Talk for Law Enforcement

Hesitancy and tentativeness in the public safety world can nurture dangerous life and death predicaments.

Toxic Untruthful Boss: Straight Talk for Law Enforcement

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All law enforcement agencies have robust policies that mandate truthfulness and prohibit dishonesty.

Toxic Micromanager Boss: Straight Talk for Law Enforcement

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This month’s article is the second in our leadership series regarding Toxic Bosses in Law Enforcement. Micromanagers are obsessed with control. Fear of failure is the driving force in their world. They worry that unless they regulate every aspect of the environment, the serenity of their existence will be destroyed. Micromanagers in law enforcement are […]

Toxic Bully Boss: Straight Talk for Law Enforcement

Management toxicity is an all-too-common problem in the law enforcement environment. Many times those near the top of the public safety business will confidently assert that “we don’t have that problem in this organization.” In a few cases this may be true. But, reality demands acknowledgement that while some policing agencies have a deeper level […]