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Author: Steve Neal

Toxic Micromanager Boss: Straight Talk for Law Enforcement

This month’s article is the second in our leadership series regarding Toxic Bosses in Law Enforcement. Micromanagers are obsessed with control. Fear of failure is the driving force in their world. They worry that unless they regulate every aspect of the environment, the serenity of their existence will be destroyed. Micromanagers in law enforcement are so process-oriented that they often overwhelm the average officer with heaps of useless drudgery and documentation. Their need to make most decisions and to monitor tasks obsessively encourages sheep-like behavior from direct reports. The toxic micromanager is addicted to the emotional state of mind...

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Toxic Bully Boss: Straight Talk for Law Enforcement

Management toxicity is an all-too-common problem in the law enforcement environment. Many times those near the top of the public safety business will confidently assert that “we don’t have that problem in this organization.” In a few cases this may be true. But, reality demands acknowledgement that while some policing agencies have a deeper level of infection than others, it is rare to find a work group free from the toxic boss plague. Today’s article will focus upon one type of toxic boss; the Caustic Bully. Harsh, threatening and acidic communications from those who hold power tends to cultivate...

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