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Author: Sgt. Chuck Humes


Mix a sixteen story hotel, filled to the brim with a diverse group of 700+ law enforcement trainers from all fifty states and three continents. Combine that with six days of uninterrupted training time. Add many trainers recognized as the “Who’s Who of Law Enforcement Training“ as teaching participants; and you get the best training event in existence. For the week of April 20 through 26th, these elements combined in Wheeling, (Chicago) IL for the 12th annual Conference of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA). Which, as to be expected, continues to be the ultimate training...

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10th-Anniversary Conference Shines Brighter than Ever, Continued

ILEETA Part Two—3 photos → VIEW GALLERY As we discussed in part one, this year’s ILLETA, the 10th anniversary conference, ran from April 15th to the 20th, and the classes were better than ever. I’d like to continue part two of this article with discussion on some of the outstanding classes that I attended, or attended at least part of. Eric Dickinson: Street Officer Medical Tactics: Real World Lessons Eric is a fascinating combination of Police Officer (now a Lt.) and Advanced EMT.  His presentation included some eye-opening lessons using real world examples.  Sadly, they made me realize how...

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