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Randy Sutton is a 33-year law enforcement veteran and the national spokesman for the American Council on Public Safety (www.defendingtheshield.org). He served 10 years in the Princeton (N.J.) Police Department and 23 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant with numerous awards for valor, lifesaving, community service and exemplary service. Sutton has trained thousands of U.S. law enforcement officers and is the author of True Blue: Police Stories by Those who Have Lived Them, A Cop’s Life: True Stories from the Heart Behind the Badge, True Blue: To Protect and Serve and The Power of Legacy: Personal Heroes of America’s Most Inspiring People. Reach him via his website at www.thepoweroflegacy.com.

Law Officer Live: The Voice Of American Law Enforcement

This is a must watch episode as Travis and Randy discuss the perils of law enforcement leadership, community policing and race relations in law enforcement today.

The Great Lies of Ferguson

The stores are being looted, again. The rocks and bottles are being thrown at the police, again. The shootings and fires and angry shouts are garnering headlines all over the world, again. And the irony is that all of this destruction and mayhem is built on nothing except the Great Lies of Ferguson, Mo.

A Question of Murder

If those in positions of power truly want to improve policing, they should put their money where their mouth is and provide a solid training regimen for the men and women who lay their lives on the line.

In Contempt of Cop

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In the most brazen display of contempt that I have ever witnessed, the President of the United States has once again risen to new levels of hypocrisy and personal disdain for the lives of American law enforcement officers.

Introduction To True Blue

The stories in this book fall loosely into five categories and are identified as: