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Patrick Van Horne is the Co-Founder and CEO of The CP Journal. He served in the Marine Corps for seven years as an infantry officer, earning the rank of Captain following his two deployments to Iraq. In addition to serving as a platoon commander, company executive officer and company commander, Patrick served as the officer-in-charge of a training team in the Combat Hunter program.

Training For Adaptability Means Creating More Options

While officers often learn how to adapt their approach to a situation like this by honing it throughout their career, training adaptable officers means that we have to ensure they have multiple options available to them to handle situations like this from the earliest points in the career.

Training To the Decision and Trusting An Officer’s Judgment

As a firm believer in the fact that anything complex gets forgotten when under stress, any conversation about how to shift a person displaying the dominant cluster into the comfortable cluster needs to embrace simplicity.

Three Questions to Assess the Tools Your Training Provides

Has anyone ever told you, “here’s another tool for your toolbox”? As a Marine, I hated hearing those words, and I still cringe when an instructor utters that phrase to our nation’s police officers during a training seminar.

Bridging The Experience Gap: Recognizing Threats With More Time To Prepare

When I talk with veteran police officers about what has made them successful in their careers, many bring up the fact that with five, ten, or fifteen years on the job, they have seen so much criminal activity that they have become pretty capable of identifying people who require attention.

Officer Safety: Pre-Attack Indicators

We have spoken often here at Law Officer about what we believe to be the most important Officer Safety course available in "Surviving the First Three Seconds." In fact, the course is built around over 100 resources...