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M.C. Williams is active police officer, state criminal investigator, chaplain and instructor with more than three decades on “the job.” As the author of Law Officer’s Chaplain Corner, he provides a biblical front sight focus on daily issues we face in law enforcement faces. MC serves as the director of The Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry (http://www.thecenturionlawenforcementministry.org) and is the past Vice President of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers – USA.

Do You Even Train, Bro?

As I write this, the 2017 International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference in full swing. As such, it seemed like a great time to present an article on training.

Embracing Our Warrior-Ethos in an Age of Guardians

With the anti-law enforcement pundits, politicians and liberal media continuing to be engaged in what is essentially all-out warfare against the police, one of the most hotly debated issues today is whether or not those of us serving in law enforcement are "warriors."

Police Suicide: “Where’s the Piper”

Those following me on social media know that I recently took part in a challenge to bring attention to the fact that at least twenty–two of our military veterans commit suicide on a daily basis (22KILL and similar sites). In doing so, I took the opportunity to bring awareness to the issue of police suicide

Warriors On The Wall

Cities in ancient times were typically surrounded by a wall of stone or earth.

Blessed Are The Peacekeepers?

In the three decades I’ve served in law enforcement and both before and after I came to faith in Christ, I’ve attended many police funerals.

Understanding Your Calling

Most of us entered the law enforcement profession in response to a “calling” on our lives even if we didn’t understand its source. Jesus understood that His calling – and likewise ours — was to do the will of the Father (John 6:38): ultimately going to the cross to give His life in “the line […]

Servant-Leadership in Law Enforcement

Those of us serving in law enforcement understand what those outside our profession do not