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Michael Brown is the President and Principal Instructor of Security Training Concepts in Chicago. He is a former Criminal Justice adjunct professor and Illinois law enforcement officer having taught various collegiate level and use-of-force courses ranging from firearms, Taser, and defensive tactics to introductory criminal justice courses. Mr. Brown has a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is a member of both the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. He can be reached at mike@chicagosecuritytrainingconcepts.com.

So You Want To Be A Police Officer In The Black Community?

A couple of days ago, a young black man in-boxed me on Facebook stating that he wanted to become a police officer in the black community to make a change in the world but especially with in the community that he is from.

Today with Mike: Paper Cut or Arterial Bleed. Which one do you treat first?

Today with Mike: Paper Cut or Arterial Bleed. Which one do you treat first? Some black people say, “Every time a black person shoots a black person, they get caught, charged, and convicted; police shoot us, they get away.” Well, here are some often-ignored facts that debunk that. Sponsored ContentAdvertise HereBlu Armor Safety Stackhttp://bluarmor.comThis Safety […]

Do Your Job……Or Leave

While the manner in which you are deployed may vary for different reasons you should never forget the oath you made to the public.

On The Beat: Mike Brown

Listen to this dynamic and engaging Podcast with Mike Brown. He is the founder of the No Excuses Foundation, military veteran and trainer.

Military Veteran Shows Why The Alton Sterling Shooting Was Justified

Mike Brown 45
An Army veteran and firearms instructor is taking on those who say the Alton Sterling shooting wasn’t justified in a startling new Facebook video.