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Author: Matthew Stiehm

Modern Policing

Introduction As I sit at my desk looking across my basement, I think how safe I am, and that is in part to the local first responders.  It is also in part because of my background and the understanding of the realities of law enforcement. I understand what the numbers mean, the realities of force, and more importantly the mind frame of most police officers. I fear that the vocal criminal minority does not understand what officers do, or moreover what the ethos are for the officers. There is no understanding for the reasons that these brave men and...

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Welcome Back: ILEETA 2016

The ILEETA 2016 Conference is up and running and of course day one does not disappoint.  While I admittedly arrived late, when I walked into the lobby I was met with the faces of fellow law enforcement trainers, friends, colleagues, mentors and dancers! The new hotel is huge, and connected with a larger conference center which provides for more walking.  However this is the price that I am willing to pay to get great training and see exceptional trainers.  Besides, I could stand to lose a little weight.   But what I will provide is three tips that I learned after...

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