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Author: Law Officer

The 4th Amendment & Deadly Force

Assume a police officer faces the following deadly forcesituation: He responds, along with two other officers, to a residence as a result of a 911 call from the homeowner. Dispatch reports the homeowner’s son threatened her with a steak knife, but she was able to escape from the residence.

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Technology: Tool or Trouble?

There are few areas of our society where technology has made more of an impact than law enforcement. Imagine if a cop from the 1960s were to walk out of a briefing room and hit the street today: Computers, laser speed devices, electronic stun guns, PDAs capable of inquiry, GPS tracking, thermal imaging cameras, remote cameras, lightweight body armor, cell phones, LED lightbars, 250-channel handheld radios and more are everywhere.

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2-Wheel Drive

Amid the terrible destruction and terrified crowds following the recent London subway bombings, British police officers rode battery-powered transportation devices made by U.S.-based Segway. The transport units helped officers move quickly and efficiently through streets so clogged with cars and pedestrians, even bicycles were difficult to maneuver.

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Third Degree: Filling a GAP

Glock has developed a new .45-caliber cartridge that fits in a 9mm-size gun. Called the .45 GAP (Glock Auto Pistol), this new cartridge is basically a .45-caliber bullet in a 9mm-length case. Glock developed the cartridge from the ground, but a number of other firearms manufacturers now make guns chambered for this new round. Most ammunition manufacturers build .45 GAP ammunition in a variety of full-metal-jacket training loads and hollow-point defense loads.

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