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Author: Law Officer

Stop & Identify

Numerous states have "stop-and-identify" statutes in their criminal code. While these statutes vary somewhat in their approach, all permit an officer to ask for or require a suspect to disclose his or her identity when conducting a Terry stop (see "Terry v. Ohio," below). That's all fine and good, but what happens when the suspect refuses to provide their identity either verbally or by providing a driver's license or other form of identification? Can an officer place an individual under arrest for simply refusing to comply with the officer's request?

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Moving Day

The recent phenomenal growth and evolution of technology has impacted law enforcement as heavily as the rest of society. While many agencies have access to specialists who can help implement new computers and similar technology, many others do not. These departments often rely on the expertise of an officer or other department member. Additionally, individual officers and other personnel sometimes struggle with their own technical support issues as they try to set up increasingly complicated computer equipment in their homes.

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Agency Profile: Las Vegas Metro

Las Vegas is probably the world's most famous and infamous city. With its very own New York skyline, Venetian canals and Eiffel Tower, Vegas is a glittering neon oasis in the middle of a vast desert. Nearly everything is available here, and most of it's legal. Then there's that famous marketing phrase: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

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“How Do You Like Them Apps?” Santa Cruz (Calif.) Goes Mobile in Crime Fight

SANTA CRUZ, CA — Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel was vacationing with his wife in Italy last fall when he picked up his iPad and, for fun, decided to check in on his troops back in California.

Using an app developed for the iPhone, Vogel was able to listen to – in real time — radio calls being fielded by officers on the day shift.

From his hotel room in Rome, Vogel listened to the squawking sound of Santa Cruz cops being dispatched to a variety of incidents.

Then he turned off the app and got back to his vacation.

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