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Author: Law Officer

One Year In

A year ago, the first issue of Law Officer hit the streets, and I have to admit, I feel a bit like a rookie who made it through his probationary year. Whew! I've learned a lot about our readers, our profession and running a magazine.

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Third Degree: Battle-Proven Eyewear

Everyone who works the street wears sunglasses the job requires it. If the sun's glare impairs your vision, you won't see to drive, look for crimes in progress or defend yourself from attack. The criminals we face know we need vision to avoid, evade or counter danger. During my 30-year career, my eyes were attacked on numerous occasions. You never know when the distressed little old lady will turn into a raving lunatic and try to poke you or the teenager smoking a joint will decide to throw dirt in your face.

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Risky Business

By now, most law enforcement officers have had a chance to examine the FBI's 2005 Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted Summary. And again, it reveals some disturbing trends. In 2005, 149 law enforcement officers died. A partial summary indicates 64 officers died from shootings, 66 from vehicle accidents and 14 from heart attacks. The remaining numbers include deaths from an assortment of fates, such as edged-weapon attacks and drowning.

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National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Ceremonies 2006

I was honored to represent Law Officer at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial ceremonies in Washington, D.C. As you might imagine, I saw some incredible things and met some very special people. The sight of family members at the Memorial touching their loved one’s name on the wall brings a tear to the eye of even the most veteran officer. The following photos capture some of the scenes and emotions I witnessed.

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