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Author: Law Officer

The Allure of Cyren Call

Few things are more important to street cops than radio communication. When it works well, it's a lifeline. When it fails, it can cause anything from delay to death. Following several watershed events in public safety communications, the federal government directed large amounts of money and resources toward improving communication interoperability around the country. Long before Sept. 11, 2001, Congress had authorized the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reassign the spectrum used by TV channels 60 69 in the 700 MHz range for public auction and use.

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Get In There Now

Webster's Dictionary defines exigency as "A case or situation that demands prompt action or remedy; emergency or plight." While Webster's is certainly not a law enforcement tactical manual, the above definition clearly fits our needs, because when challenged with getting into a location under exigent circumstances, patrol officers must consider a number of issues.

In an exigent-circumstance entry, there are six basic areas of concern: legal, weapons handling, approach, entry, contact with suspects and the aftermath.

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Third Degree: Night Vision

In recent years, police officers use of night vision technology has increased, and night vision devices (NVDs) are now common in many patrol operations. With the information highway spewing the tactics and techniques that tactical teams use to respond to critical incidents, few big secrets remain. We know the suspects are in there, and they know we re coming for them. Most of the time, situations play out as we expect, but that two-percenter who has trained for his big day remains a threat. He s studied tactical teams and tactics and knows our next move.

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Get Inside Their Heads

You're a computer forensic examiner for your department, working on a network intrusion case. The evidence you extract from several computers and firewall logs clearly shows the suspect broke through the victim company's defenses and accessed proprietary data.

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Gold Badge of Service Award

Law Officer presented its first-ever Gold Badge of Service Award to 5.11 Tactical Company. Established this year, the magazine s annual award recognizes a company that best demonstrates a model of commitment and service to the public safety community. Dale Stockton, editor of Law Officer, presented the award to Dan Costa, owner and CEO of the company, and Bill Berry, Executive Director of the 5.11 Challenge, during the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference (IACP) in Boston, Mass.

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