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Author: Law Officer

Investigations: The Forensic Autopsy

Previous articles introduced a case involving the driver of a semi-trailer truck with a route that takes him through five different states. Once or twice a year he picks up a young girl a prostitute working a rest stop or a runaway hitchhiker and eventually gets her into the back of his truck. Once there, he chains her up, and over several days repeatedly rapes her and uses small fish hooks to peel the skin from every inch of her body. He keeps the skins as a trophy.

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I Learned About Policing From That: Off Duty & On Trial

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Matthew Hoskins is eager to reboot his promising career in law enforcement, but it's tough to land a cop job when you've been on trial for attempted murder.

A little more than two years ago, Hoskins was a lieutenant in a sheriff's office and a part-time police chief in rural Wisconsin. Today he fixes dishwashers.

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Street Sources Part 3

Part 3 of a 4-part series

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Here s a golden rule about developing informants: When it comes to building rapport with potential street sources, sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you ve got it made.

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Remember the Rifle

It's simple: Only a fool will knowingly take a handgun to a gunfight. In the event you haven't figured it out, we in law enforcement carry handguns not because they're effective, but because they are portable. While the police handgun can bring about rapid incapacitation, this type of effectiveness is a direct result of shot placement, which is difficult to achieve during the fluid, rapidly changing activity commonly known as a gunfight. I have spent my entire adult life studying the art of gun fighting, and I'm convinced long guns are far superior to handguns.

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