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Author: Law Officer

Agency Profile: The Austin Police Department

Nestled next to Texas' beautiful hill country lies the City of Austin, one of the nation's fastest growing and safest cities. Often, increased crime accompanies rapid growth, but this city manages to balance quality growth with a great quality of life. Much of the credit for this goes to the men and women of the Austin Police Department (APD), whose vision statement reflects that crime-fighting priority: "We want Austin to be the safest city in America."

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New & Improved

We're all familiar with the standard police-cruiser package, but many departments have needs that go beyond what a patrol car can or should do. We wanted to give our readers insight into some of the latest non-patrol vehicle offerings from a police perspective, so columnist Craig Peterson took a look at seven vehicles and gives his opinion.

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Breaking the Sound Barrier

You're leaving the coffee shop parking lot when an oblivious driver runs a stop sign right in front of you. You stop him and walk toward the vehicle. As you approach, the driver intently watches you in the side-view mirror. Is he up to something? Without establishing eye contact, you ask how he's doing. No response. He reaches toward the glove box. You command him to keep his hands where you can see them, but he continues to open the glove box and reach for something. You again order him to keep his hands in view, but he doesn't respond.

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Investigations: Investigating Rape Crimes, Part 3 of 5

The first two articles of this series on investigating rape discussed legal definitions, the importance of care in handling the initial contact with a rape victim, identification and collection of rape evidence, the medical examination and the various uses of DNA evidence. In this third installment, I introduce a fictional sexual-assault case based on an actual incident to demonstrate the practical application of previously discussed theory.

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