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Author: Law Officer

Investigations: Investigating Rape Crimes, Part 4 of 5

The first two articles of this series on investigating rape discussed legal definitions, the importance of care in handling the initial contact with a rape victim, identification and collection of rape evidence, the medical examination and the various uses of DNA evidence. In the third article, I introduced a fictional sexual-assault case based on an actual incident to demonstrate the practical application of previously discussed theory.

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Against All Odds, Part 1

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A few days after waking up from a four-week coma, Trooper Matthew Swartz swung out of his hospital bed, started to walk to the bathroom and fell flat on his ass. Sprawled on the floor buck naked that was the moment he realized he no longer had a lower left leg.

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Providing Feedback

A traffic sergeant brought me a completed traffic citation book of one of his squad members. Lieutenant, take a look at this, he said. This guy is cherry picking. Eight of the 10 citations are at the same intersection. And there hasn't been a collision at that spot for at least the last five years.
As I scanned the book, the sergeant continued. I guess I need to talk to him. I don't think his actions measure up to our strategy of selective enforcement or reaching our goal of reducing collisions.

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