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Author: Law Officer

Slip, Slide & Away

Hey, Bullethead:

What's the deal? I thought getting a discounted or free meal was part of the job, one of those fringe benefits we get for being a loyal public servant. In my town, a half dozen places really want a uniformed cop to come in while working, so they make the meals either free or half price. Trust me, at our pay, it really makes a difference. And the restaurants don t mind because it makes the patrons and employees feel safer.

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Letters: Response to Night-Vision Article

After reading Steve Ashley's article "Seeing Green" (August, p. 68), I want to clear up a few misconceptions about night-vision equipment. As a retired police chief, I am familiar with limited budgets, increased responsibility and workload challenges. It's important that the facts are straight so that law enforcement can make informed decisions and not waste precious time and resources.

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Shots Fired

The patrol carbine is becoming a standard piece of equipment for law enforcement. In use with some agencies for decades, many law enforcement administrators have come to recognize the need for first responders to have immediate access to a long gun capable of precise accuracy at distances far greater than the handgun. When criminals direct gunfire toward officers and citizens, officers don't have time to wait for specialized teams to bring better guns. You have what you need, or you don't.

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Help Them Understand

This month, I want to share with you one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned both in life and law enforcement. Admittedly, I should have discovered this “secret” long before I did, and I hope that it will help you find success in your personal and professional efforts. If you have either children or subordinates, you’ll probably pick up on the basic concept much quicker than those who do not.

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Records Management System

Individual officers & management commonly throw these questions out when asked about how their agency's records are stored & used.

A records management system (RMS) is basically a data-storage system for many different types of records. It s easy to see how access to this vast library of information could affect many different facets of our profession and ultimately help us provide more efficient service to our personnel and the communities we serve. But how do we store this information? And once it's stored, how do we search it?

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