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Author: Law Officer

Securing the Homeland

At the federal level, the incident command system has been adopted as the national incident management system (NIMS), and agencies seeking federal funding from the Department of Homeland Security must adopt NIMS. But while NIMS' road map outlines how to handle disasters, the National Response Plan (NRP) and the Stafford Act define the federal government's role in responding to domestic emergencies.

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Safety Tip: Handcuff Tactics & Upkeep

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Bathroom Breaks Chris Martin, McArthur (Ohio) Police

When taking a subject to the bathroom, handcuff their dominant (strong) hand behind them to their belt or belt loop and uncuff the non-dominant (weak) hand. This may help prevent them from easily retrieving and throwing evidence down the toilet.

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Why Cops Can't Drive, Part 1

Looking through the Nikon's viewfinder, the police Crown Victoria throwing a rooster tail of gravel and dried brush seemed enormous as it skidded broadside toward me at a high rate of speed. I was looking through a wide-angle lens, and the visual distortion meant that the errant Ford didn't just look big, it was nearly on top of me. How ironic, I recall thinking. Not only was I about to be killed by a driver who was a friend, but all in the quest for a police-magazine cover photograph that would pay less than two C-notes.

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Investigations: Forensic Science

Previous articles introduced a case involving the driver of a semi-trailer truck with a route that takes him through five different states. Once or twice a year he picks up a young girl a prostitute working a rest stop or a runaway hitchhiker and eventually gets her into the back of his truck. Once there, he chains her up, and over several days repeatedly rapes her and uses small fish hooks to peel the skin from every inch of her body. He keeps the skins as a trophy.

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I Learned About Policing From That: The Naked Truth

This article first appeared in Force Science News

When it comes to training scenarios, nothing trumps real-life encounters. Knowing an exercise has actually been a street problem for other officers heightens the impact and reinforces that the important caution to expect the unexpected in police work is firmly rooted in reality.

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