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Author: Law Officer

Active Shooters

Active shooter incidents, although small in number, have had a terrible impact on the communities affected and the nation as a whole. In the early incidents, law enforcement responded to these disasters lacking suitable tactics and equipment, and we learned immediate defense of life requires immediate action. Unprotected and helpless victims cannot await the delayed arrival of SWAT/ERT teams. The original emergency-response strategies of contain, isolate and negotiate fail in active-shooter situations. The offenders do not come to parley they come to commit murder.

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Reality Based Training: Stop &Go

At a recent 5 Day Reality Based Training Instructor school I ran in north Florida, one of the training groups was setting up a scenario in which a resistant motorist would refuse to exit the vehicle after learning there was a warrant for his arrest. Prior to starting the scenario, the group leader came over to the equipment issuance point and asked if any defensive tactics suits were available. Due to limited space, I don t travel with them anymore, and I told the group they would have to make adjustments in their scenario to ensure there was no hard physical contact.

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Report Writing

Officers sometimes neglect their report writing, but it has very serious consequences if left unattended. What officers write in their report stays with them forever. The words on the paper cannot be changed, and an omission of critical details cannot later be added to a report without calling the report s veracity into doubt.

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Tech Beat: What Gets You Sued Gets You Hurt

This month, instead of talking about a new product or how well a piece of equipment performs, I’m going to discuss a class of weapons—non-lethal weapons.

You can’t pick up a newspaper or watch the news these days without seeing a story about how the cops beat up or hurt someone, and once in a while (fortunately not too often) the story is about someone dying while in custody. Ask any chief or sheriff what keeps them awake at night, and odds are they’ll tell you three things: 1) one of their people getting hurt, 2) forcible arrests and 3) pursuit driving.

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Slip, Slide & Away

Hey, Bullethead:

What's the deal? I thought getting a discounted or free meal was part of the job, one of those fringe benefits we get for being a loyal public servant. In my town, a half dozen places really want a uniformed cop to come in while working, so they make the meals either free or half price. Trust me, at our pay, it really makes a difference. And the restaurants don t mind because it makes the patrons and employees feel safer.

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