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Author: Law Officer

Department vs. Taser

Technology is a great thing. Who would have thought 100 years ago that we would be able to send human beings through outer space, communicate over wireless networks and tape record our favorite television shows to view at a later time? No doubt, these technological advances are taken for granted by youngsters.

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Think Before You Click

If you've used e-mail for any significant amount of time, chances are you've received numerous messages with "interesting" content from friends, co-workers and strangers. Have you ever read any of these?

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Knife Alert

One moment the officer stood in the classic field-interview stance asking for some identification. When the subject reached for his back pocket, the officer didn't think anything was unusual and mentally OKayed the movement. Unfortunately, as the hand came back out it slashed the blade of a knife across the officer's throat.

Could this happen to you? It might if you're not aware of the folding karambit, one of the hottest new trends in edged weapons. This knife is quicker than lightning, much faster to deploy than any spring-loaded auto knife because it opens upon drawing.

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