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Author: Law Officer

Seize the Moment

The balance between the expenditure of time and the rapid exploitation of opportunity can make or break a barricade-hostage situation. Often command staff thinks if they can wait out the hostage-taker, there'll be a better chance of resolving the incident nonviolently, says SWAT instructor Mark Schlegel. In reality that's not always the case.

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Is It Enough Gun?

When I entered law enforcement in 1976, selecting a sidearm for off-duty carry was simple: You purchased a .38 Special revolver with a 2" barrel from either Colt or Smith & Wesson (S&W). If you were a gunslinger, as we called those who were a little too into guns, you bought a 3" .38 or a Colt 1911-style .45. The truth is, I wanted to be a heavy hitter, but I went along with the rest and purchased a 2" Security Industries Police Pocket Magnum (PPM) because it was a J-frame size gun that launched .357 magnum rounds. This was my way of splitting the difference.

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Keeping the Peace With Weapons

Early in my law-enforcement career I learned an important principle: Meeting danger from a position of power can prevent resistance. One night my partner and I pulled over a traffic violator. Several red flags cautioned us to conduct further investigation. We discovered the vehicle was stolen and the driver had several outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. He was a dangerous man. Later, while inventorying the vehicle for impound, I found a handgun between the front seats, easily accessible to the driver.

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Homicide Bombers

The following information, while not all-inclusive, highlights issues law enforcement officers face when confronting a homicide bomber. Much of this information has been written about and examined at various levels, but I'll focus on first-responding officers.

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Reality Based Training: Complementary Tools

Those of you who have followed my regular columns will know I ve become a proponent of Airsoft over the past couple of years since the technologies have improved. They continue to improve, and I anticipate sturdier weapon patterns as the professional community continues to adopt them (along with sturdier prices, no doubt).

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