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Author: Law Officer

Firearms Training DVDs

Recently I received an e-mail message that caught my attention:

Dave, I agree few officers shoot as well as they need to in order to prevail in a fight. Few of us practice or receive the training we really need. I d like to get more training, but I ll be honest I m a new officer in a small department in the South. I have a wife, two kids, a mortgage and a car payment. I m not trying to make excuses; this is just my reality. My family s needs take priority over taking money from our budget to attend one of the big-name shooting schools.

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Traffic Safety Leadership

As a new lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department, I became watch commander of 60 uniformed traffic-collision investigators. Alcohol-related (DUI) collisions accounted for more than half of our traffic fatalities. Obviously, I was interested in reducing these occurrences. Two officers, working partners, had the highest rate for DUI prosecutions. I interviewed them to discover their motivation and/or special techniques. They related an emotional story.

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.223 Ammo Selection

Selecting the appropriate ammunition for the police-patrol carbine is key to obtaining best accuracy and terminal performance. When choosing the bullet weight, much depends on matching it to the barrel twist rate (i.e., the rifling) of your weapon. As a general rule, faster twist rifling rates can stabilize heavy bullets, while slower twist rates cannot. If you go with a heavy bullet the barrel twist rate can t stabilize, you will encounter accuracy and performance problems.

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Knock & Talk

Knock and talk is a legitimate investigative technique that occurs at the home of a suspect or an individual with information about an investigation. A number of courts recognize that knock and talks are consensual encounters that do not violate the Fourth Amendment. The recently decided case United States v. Crapser addresses the consensual knock-and-talk technique and application.

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