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Author: Law Officer

Reality Based Training: Building Blocks

I often get asked, Where do I begin when starting a reality based training (RBT) program? It's a daunting task, to be sure. Of course, the best place to begin is in learning the mechanics of how to set up and conduct safe and effective RBT. As I've discussed at length in the past, this is a larger undertaking than many trainers care to embark upon, often dooming themselves to developing training exercises that can result in the injury of their participants, or perhaps even programming their students for future failure during critical encounters.

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Shooting an Unarmed Suspect

Civilians and police officers pose similar questions about police shootings of unarmed suspects: Can police shoot an unarmed suspect? Is it ethical? Is it legal? Civilians often add these questions: Why couldn t the police just hit him with their baton or pepper spray? Why couldn t the police just shoot him in the knee? But when faced with a decision to shoot and their safety in jeopardy, police officers must ask themselves these questions: Can I be reasonably sure the suspect is unarmed? Could the suspect take my weapon? What do I know about the suspect s past?

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Data Overload

Today, everything's computerized, or at least it seems so. Don't believe me? Just imagine a late 1950s shade-tree mechanic trying to tune-up one of today s vehicles.

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Defective Detectives

Dear Bullethead:

I ve been a cop for 10 years and work for a department with about 500 sworn in the South. My entire time has been spent in patrol, and I m good at it. I make more than my share of arrests and haven t screwed up anything major since I ve been here. So far, so good, right?

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