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Author: Law Officer

Reality Based Training: Keep It Simple

Recently, during one of my 5 Day Reality-Based Training Instructor schools, I completed teaching the classroom portion and directed the students to write some scenarios we would subsequently run during the training's practical phase. One of the more enthusiastic members of the group approached me before his group compiled their list of equipment they would need for their scenario. He asked, "Do you have an MP5 and a couple of grenades?" I stared at him, incredulous, wondering what part of "When it comes to constructing scenarios, keep it simple" he was fuzzy on.

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Do More with Less

A friend of mine who is a supervisor at a small police department in California told me his police department was bracing for significant budget cuts in the new fiscal year. He spoke of rumors the department may have to lay off officers, or worse, the department might dissolve and the city contract with the local sheriff's department. He also told me some incredible stories about officers searching buildings by themselves and responding to domestic violence calls and other felony crimes-in-progress without back-up due to a manpower shortage.

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Call to Arms

There's no higher-priority call than "officer needs assistance." It may be called something different depending on the region of the country, but we all know what it means: One of our own is in danger and needs help. It doesn't matter what we're doing or where we work, we respond. We roll because we know we depend on each other, and because we're the last line of defense for society. If we lose, all of society loses.

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