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Author: Law Officer

The Space Race

In the police vehicle world, a triangle exists between three key players. The first is the law enforcement agency, which provides demand for police-oriented vehicles. The second is the automotive manufacturer, which hopefully listens to the needs of law enforcement agencies and produces appropriate vehicles. The third is the aftermarket “upfitter,” which bridges the gap between what the automotive manufacturers provide and what officers need.

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I Learned About Policing From That: Coping With Catastrophe

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Ever think about what you'd do if alligators were swimming through the yards and streets of your beat? Or if your patrol fleet was suddenly zapped with 400 flat tires? Or if you had no place to put the suspects you arrested because you had no working jails or prisons?

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Seize the Moment

The balance between the expenditure of time and the rapid exploitation of opportunity can make or break a barricade-hostage situation. Often command staff thinks if they can wait out the hostage-taker, there'll be a better chance of resolving the incident nonviolently, says SWAT instructor Mark Schlegel. In reality that's not always the case.

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Is It Enough Gun?

When I entered law enforcement in 1976, selecting a sidearm for off-duty carry was simple: You purchased a .38 Special revolver with a 2" barrel from either Colt or Smith & Wesson (S&W). If you were a gunslinger, as we called those who were a little too into guns, you bought a 3" .38 or a Colt 1911-style .45. The truth is, I wanted to be a heavy hitter, but I went along with the rest and purchased a 2" Security Industries Police Pocket Magnum (PPM) because it was a J-frame size gun that launched .357 magnum rounds. This was my way of splitting the difference.

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