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Author: Law Officer

Training with Tasers

What gets you sued gets you hurt. It s that simple. Use-of force and motor-vehicle operations remain the high-risk areas of law enforcement. Look at the reports of officer injuries and lawsuits from any department and you ll likely find those two areas are the ones getting cops hurt and landing officers and their agencies in court.

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The 10 Shield Needs

This article will inform the ballistic-shield operator how to safely and effectively deploy a shield. But first, a caveat: The tactical element is responsible for effective and safe tactical decision-making. The shield should not dictate your tactics. The shield is a tool. An option. You and your situation, balanced against the totality of your circumstances, determine the tactics.

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Secure the Scene

One of the first priorities of any cop responding to an incident is to secure the scene and keep the situation from getting worse. We learn this early and suffer the consequences if we don't. As some of us have learned the hard way, failing to secure the perimeter inevitably results in a greater problem. This is so basic most of us just feel it's common sense. In fact, if a rookie officer fails to properly secure a scene, they might not make probation.

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Third Degree: Trijicon's Newest Riflescope

As a fan of military documentaries, I try to get a sense of what the troops are using in Afghanistan and Iraq for perimeter and entry work they ought to know what works. I often see Trijicon s ACOG riflescopes mounted to our guys M-16s. This equipment is truly battle tested.

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