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Author: Law Officer

Multiple Injury Response

You're first on the scene of a school bus rollover on a highway exit ramp. There are several injured lying on the roadway and multiple others trapped and injured inside. It's a mass-casualty incident, what emergency medical services (EMS) crews and firefighters commonly refer to as an MCI. You park your cruiser, begin to divert unauthorized traffic away from the scene, give a basic report to your communications center and await the arrival of EMS and fire crews to manage the carnage.

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Third Degree: The Charge Ti

While searching the 2006 SHOT Show in February for new street and deployment gear, I met with the folks from the Leatherman Tool Group. The first pioneer of multi-tools, its products stood the test during my team's deployment in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. We discovered the value of a good multi-tool many times in the storm-crushed streets. The high winds took down electrical lines and trees, forming a low-hanging, face-cutting arch-work over the streets we searched.

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The 5.11 Challenge

What do thousands of cops, guns, fly fishing, tactical clothing and Montana all have in common? The 5.11 Challenge, a shooting competition for cops. The Challenge is the brainchild of Dan Costa, CEO of 5.11 Tactical, a tactical clothing company. Costa thought that by getting cops together in a friendly competition, communication and cooperation between agencies might improve. "We get law enforcement officers together from all across the country and across all agencies.

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Safety Tip: Why You Need a Rescue Knife

If you need to cut someone free from an accident or get to them through a car window, you'll need a proper tool on your person immediately not in the cruiser at the top of the culvert. A rescue knife has a 3" 4" blade that's partially serrated (for cutting all materials) and blunt-tipped (for cutting clothing without cutting the victim), and has a carbide tip or plunger (for breaking car windows). Cops do cut people free of seat belts, and your baton will not break most car windows victims have died as cops tried. Carry your rescue knife.

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Agency Profile: The Austin Police Department

Nestled next to Texas' beautiful hill country lies the City of Austin, one of the nation's fastest growing and safest cities. Often, increased crime accompanies rapid growth, but this city manages to balance quality growth with a great quality of life. Much of the credit for this goes to the men and women of the Austin Police Department (APD), whose vision statement reflects that crime-fighting priority: "We want Austin to be the safest city in America."

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