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Author: Law Officer

Airbag Safety Tips

While most of the recent safety advancements in modern automobiles have successfully filtered into modern patrol vehicles, one item that has caused nearly as many headaches (no pun intended) as it has success stories is the airbag system. This is because law enforcement professionals are one of the few driving pools who surround themselves with items inside their vehicles that directly conflict with airbag operations in crash situations.

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Investigations: Searching Without a Warrant

Last month's article, the first in a series on basic criminal investigation principles, examined probable cause the essential justification for every police arrest, search and seizure. The article addressed the key requirement that an officer s actions remain reasonable given the totality of circumstances known to the officer prior to taking action.

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I Learned about Policing from That: Bank Robber Opens Fire

The first five days of May 2002 could not have gone any better for me. I was a patrol officer for the Brentwood (Tenn.) Police Department with five years of experience under my belt. I had a wonderful family and great friends, and I'd recently found the love of my life, a detective in a neighboring city. On Cinco de Mayo, some of my closest friends and I gathered and had a great time. Little did we know that within 24 hours, my friends would be crying tears of concern and praying for my wellbeing and that of other officers.

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Firearms Training DVDs

Recently I received an e-mail message that caught my attention:

Dave, I agree few officers shoot as well as they need to in order to prevail in a fight. Few of us practice or receive the training we really need. I d like to get more training, but I ll be honest I m a new officer in a small department in the South. I have a wife, two kids, a mortgage and a car payment. I m not trying to make excuses; this is just my reality. My family s needs take priority over taking money from our budget to attend one of the big-name shooting schools.

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