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The Long Guns, Part 2

Last issue, I discussed why police patrol rifles should be standard patrol equipment ("The Long Guns, Part 1," p. 58). This issue I'll address implementation considerations: deployment, training, ammunition selection, weapon selection, sight systems and accessories.

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Reality Based Training: Video Simulators

With modern video-based simulation systems, the possibilities are nearly endless, and when used within their limitations, these systems are excellent. But like so many training technologies, they are a dual-edged sword. If used properly and appropriately, they can be a powerful tool in the trainer's tool belt, but if used improperly or inappropriately, they can program officer behaviors inconsistent with winning confrontations in the street.

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Department vs. Taser

Technology is a great thing. Who would have thought 100 years ago that we would be able to send human beings through outer space, communicate over wireless networks and tape record our favorite television shows to view at a later time? No doubt, these technological advances are taken for granted by youngsters.

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Think Before You Click

If you've used e-mail for any significant amount of time, chances are you've received numerous messages with "interesting" content from friends, co-workers and strangers. Have you ever read any of these?

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