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Author: Law Officer

Reality Based Training: We're Running Out of Ammo

As a direct result of the actions overseas, law enforcement agencies are discovering that there is a shortage of ammunition. Government plants pump out literally billions of rounds of ammo, but law enforcement agencies must get in an ever-growing queue for their annual supply. The ammunition that is available has grown much more expensive. Prices for components have skyrocketed, even for those who choose to buy components and reload their own ammo.

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Oops, Wrong House

Some of you may have suffered that sinking feeling of realizing you busted down the door of the wrong house. Your mistake was innocent, but it's unpleasant apologizing to a blameless homeowner who, when confronted with masked men in dark clothing with weapons drawn, looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Worse is explaining it to your police chief.

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Who Are You?

Just about every episode of the TV show “Las Vegas” has the security staff nailing some bad guy by using facial recognition software. Other shows such as CSI and NCIS also use the technology on a regular basis. Of course, sometimes they have to “enhance” the photo or video image, and they often can match a facial image when most of the subject’s face is turned away from the camera.

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Warning: Large Rapids Ahead

Have you ever taken a whitewater rafting trip? Usually, they're a mixture of some degree of nature's beauty mixed with a high level of exhilarating speed and danger. They always involve a journey, depend on a cooperative effort of those involved to survive the event and sometimes take unexpected turns.

How does this connect with law enforcement? Well, we are setting off on an expedition not unlike some of the most challenging waters ever navigated.

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