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Compliance & Incapacitation Munitions

Guest Columnist

In our June and July Tactical Ops columns, we tap the expertise of Ed Mohn, a colleague of the regular Tactical Ops columnist, Jeff Chudwin. Chudwin will return in the August issue.

Last issue I discussed the numerous less-lethal or, as I prefer to call them, compliance and incapacitation munitions, available to SWAT teams today. This issue I'll discuss tactical considerations, delivery systems and training for these weapons.

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Reality Based Training: Worst Case Scenario

In this issue of Law Officer, the editorial focus includes coverage of the National Law Enforcement Memorial. Each year, approximately 150 officers are killed in the line of duty. All are tragic, but none more tragic than when an officer is killed by accident during a training session ultimately designed to keep them safer. In the closing chapter of my book Training at the Speed of Life, I list the names and faces of 33 officers killed during training simulations.

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Warrantless Search & Seizure

This issue, I follow up my last column, which discussed the United States Supreme Court's decision in Georgia v. Randolph. In the Randolph case, the Court addressed whether law enforcement officers entering a residence violate the Fourth Amendment when one occupant consents to a search but a co-occupant does not.

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Cell Phone Vulnerabilities

You got a cell phone so you could stay in touch with the department, or maybe they provided it to you due to your on-call status. It also provides a way for your family to reach you in an emergency, and if you break down while on the way home, it’s a lot better than walking a couple of miles to a pay phone. That cell phone started out as a convenience, but quickly became a necessity.

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The Badge, the Gun—

Dear Bullethead:

I work for a great city and a great department, and I love my job. I feel a little strange sending a letter like this, but I don't know how else to get an objective opinion.

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Training At The Next Level

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