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Safety Tip: Breaking Windows Safely

Probably several times during your career, you'll have to break glass (e.g., in a window or door) to gain access to someone who needs help or get at a bad guy. There are several types of glass, and some, like the chicken-wire fire glass in schools, is not feasible to try to get through in any short amount of time. Safety glass, generally found in doors and windows that reach to the ground in commercial buildings, can often be broken easily and safely with a window punch you'd use on a car. A window punch should be available in your cruiser or first-aid kit.

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FREE STUFF: Web Site for Mobile-Device Examiners

Web Site for Mobile-Device Examiners

Teel Technologies has launched, a free search and information portal created to assist investigators in the emerging field of mobile-device forensic analysis. The site’s search feature enables users to query device models for compatible forensic software and tools. The site generates a report detailing the tools and data users can pull. The site also serves as an information portal, offering current industry news, education resources for newcomers and software update announcements.

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Upcoming Training: March 2007

Two Courses with  Veteran Instructor

R.K. Miller

R. K. Miller, a 28-year veteran of law enforcement and seasoned instructor in a variety of disciplines, including firearms, SWAT tactics, chemical agents, less-lethal munitions and diversionary devices, offers two upcoming courses on the West Coast.

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LODD: Off-duty deputy fatally shot

On Feb. 10, Deputy Daniel Browne-Sanchez, 27, a five-year veteran of the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, Sheriff s Division, was shot and killed while off duty when attempting to take action against an armed robber. The masked killer had entered a local restaurant, fired several shots with a .22-caliber handgun into the ceiling and wall, and ordered all of the employees into a lounge area. Browne-Sanchez, who was unarmed, attempted to subdue the subject but was shot multiple times. Employees then attacked the robber and held him until responding officers arrived.

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Automatic License Plate Recognition

If you've ever worked patrol duties, this scenario should sound familiar. You re patrolling Anytown, USA, in heavy holiday traffic when you spot a vehicle traveling alongside you that triggers that little spot on the back of your neck. You angle your head in a near-impossible position to read the license plate, keeping one eye on the road while your hand makes a furtive grab for the microphone. As you radio dispatch, you intently watch the actions of the driver: Are they looking straight ahead and not at you? Are the passengers stealing glances at you?

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