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Author: Law Officer

2-Wheel Drive

Amid the terrible destruction and terrified crowds following the recent London subway bombings, British police officers rode battery-powered transportation devices made by U.S.-based Segway. The transport units helped officers move quickly and efficiently through streets so clogged with cars and pedestrians, even bicycles were difficult to maneuver.

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Third Degree: Filling a GAP

Glock has developed a new .45-caliber cartridge that fits in a 9mm-size gun. Called the .45 GAP (Glock Auto Pistol), this new cartridge is basically a .45-caliber bullet in a 9mm-length case. Glock developed the cartridge from the ground, but a number of other firearms manufacturers now make guns chambered for this new round. Most ammunition manufacturers build .45 GAP ammunition in a variety of full-metal-jacket training loads and hollow-point defense loads.

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Digital Patrol

Digital images are everywhere. From Web pages to billboards, digital photography is fast replacing film as a means for capturing, storing and printing images for two primary reasons: cost effectiveness and ease of use. For these same reasons, law enforcement agencies are jumping on board the digital express.

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Officers Need Help

At press time, Hurricane Katrina had just swept through many areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Public safety was overwhelmed by the devastation and the needs of citizens left homeless and without resources. Unfortunately, many officers now face the overwhelming challenge of responding to the disaster while dealing with the loss of their own home; in some cases they even lost the use of their police facility. These officers need our help, and the best thing we can do at this point is show our support by donating funds that will help them rebuild their lives.

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Project 54

There’s no doubt that one of the most challenging aspects of today’s police-car environment remains the amount of technology an officer must control. Considering that a single human must operate all that equipment while driving—sometimes under emergency conditions—it’s a miracle cops perform as well as they do. Even so, we probably crash a few cars due to all the distractions.

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