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IT Investigations

American law enforcement agencies have much to be proud of. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), from 1995–2004 violent crime fell 32 percent nationwide and property crime decreased by 23.4 percent. Many argue this dramatic reduction in crime is the result of significant changes in social demographics, not the efficiency of law enforcement. Demographics are certainly a factor, but without question, the management and implementation of modern police strategies has impacted crime rates.

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Project Inspire

In July, Law Officer
brought you the story of the Sept. 11 ordeal of Port Authority Police Officer Will Jimeno and Sergeant John McLoughlin (see Buried Alive, July 2006). Jimeno has always been filled with a great deal of enthusiasm for the job, and when he called to talk with me about the release of World Trade Center, the movie based on his experience, we came up with Project Inspire. The concept was pretty simple: Take the new film for a special sneak preview for police in Southern Mississippi, where Hurricane Katrina had left a number of devastated towns in its wake.

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Identity Theft

As law enforcement officers throughout the nation, we all have heard the statistics: Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. There were 3,100 victims of identity-theft each day in the United States in 2004. Arizona, Nevada and California (in order) had the highest rates per capita in the country. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported over $547 million in loss with over 635,000 complaints of identity-theft in 2004.

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Safety Tip: Keep Water & Energy Bars On Hand

Dehydration and lack of food are enemies that can strike at any time because once you get a call, you never know when you ll get your next meal or even drink of water. A bottle of water and a couple of balance bars in your kit can make all the difference when you get stuck on that long call. Signs of dehydration include headaches, lethargy, decreased urine output and an increased pulse rate. Low blood-sugar and lack of food can make you jittery and very tired. Both states decrease your performance, judgment and survival potential.

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Industry News

Pacific Safety Products Inc. has established a wholly owned subsidiary, Sentry Armor Systems, located in Dover, Tenn. Sentry Armor develops, markets, manufactures and sells armor systems for customers including the U.S. Department of Defense and state and law enforcement agencies. Sentry body armor is certified to the latest NIJ specifications and is fully eligible for funding through the Department of Justice’s Bulletproof Vest Partnership. For more information, visit

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