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Author: Law Officer

Putting the Pieces Together

In November 2005, in a burn pit behind a garage in Mischicot, Wis., officers recovered 58 skull fragments and 24 tooth pieces: remnants of a brutal and inconceivable crime. With the assistance of top forensic specialists, law enforcement investigators were able to piece together a case against Stephen Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, for the rape and murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach.

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Operation Safe Neighborhood

On Friday, May 11, at 1000 hrs, the Washoe County (Nev.) Sheriff’s Department was notified of a collision between a U-Haul truck and a van in a residential area. This was the beginning of a region-wide drill that would not only include coordination and response by local public safety agencies, but also the actual evacuation of residents in a large subdivision surrounding the location. It would not be a tabletop exercise, but a real response to a simulated emergency.

Officer Ken Hammond Discusses Salt Lake Shootout

Ogden (Utah) Police Department Master Officer Ken Hammond was recognized at the 2007 IACP Conference by apparel vendor The Force (formerly Horace and Small) as the 2007 winner of their Positive Force Award for his heroic off-duty actions during a tragic mall shooting that killed five people and injured several others. Hammond warned people to stay down and take cover, then engaged the shooter armed with a shotgun and handgun. His actions kept the shooter contained until the arrival of a Salt Lake City Police Department tactical team.

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The IACP & PARADE Magazine Officer of the Year

Officer Roy Gilbert of the Detroit Police Department was named IACP and PARADE Magazine 2007 Police Officer of the Year for saving his partner.

On Dec. 30, 2006, Gilbert and his partner, Officer John McKee, were following a carjacked vehicle. When the driver suddenly stopped and fled down an alley, Gilbert gave chase on foot. McKee followed in the patrol car as the suspect ran into a parking lot. The guy ran behind my car, McKee says, and I got out and went to tackle him. He reached over and shot me in the face.

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Deal or No Deal?

Longtime Law Officer friend Will Jimeno (right) is the featured contestant on the Jan. 4, 2008, segment of the hit game show Deal or No Deal. I was in the studio to cheer him on. I can t share the outcome with you, but I guarantee you ll enjoy the show.

Jimeno is one of the true heroes of Sept. 11. His story formed the basis of the hit movie, World Trade Center. If you haven t seen it, it s a great testament to officer survival and the will to live.

Dale Stockton, editor

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