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What If?

In law enforcement, we have many tools at our disposal: guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, handcuffs and batons. But we also have one additional significant tool at our ready our imagination. We don t want to stop imagining scenarios; we re taught early in law enforcement that the job requires mental preparation. We can prepare ourselves by continually developing what if scenarios, such as, What if the suspect doesn t pull his vehicle over right away? What if the suspects take off on foot after they stop their vehicle? What if the suspect fights when I go to handcuff him?

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Fillin' the Ranks

Having trouble filling the ranks? That s no surprise. If you haven t been challenged with recruitment, stop grinning. The odds overwhelmingly indicate you ll have trouble within the next five to seven years. Having spoken at conferences across the nation, I ve found recruiting problems nearly everywhere, but perhaps the state that s currently feeling the biggest pinch is one with the largest population and more than 400 agencies California.

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Safety Tip: Simulated-Weapon Safety

Over the past several years, the number and frequency of force-on-force scenarios run in even the smallest agency have increased quite a bit. Initially constrained to those agencies and units that could afford the pricey SIMUNITIONS conversion kits for real firearms, and the $1 or so per round cost of the projectiles, force-on-force simulations have now become practical for every agency (and even individual officers) with the widespread availability of Airsoft guns.

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LODD: Officer Ambushed

St. Louis Police Department Officer Norvelle Brown was shot and killed in an ambush by a 15-year-old suspect who had intended to kill a police officer. Brown was wearing a bullet-resistant vest, but the bullet entered through the arm opening and caused a fatal wound.

Brown was able to radio that he needed assistance. An undercover officer quickly arrived on scene, performed CPR and transported Brown to Barnes Jewish Hospital in the back of a squad car. Brown later died from his wounds.

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Finally, a Car of Our Own

In the past few issues, I’ve reviewed a number of vehicles developed by the major automotive manufac­turers to address the law enforcement marketplace. These vehicles are all excellent choices for today’s patrol fleet, with great strides made in comfort, performance, economy and technological compatibility. However, the fact that these vehicles are compromised can’t be ig­nored. Major automotive designers, no matter how passionate or well intentioned, can’t get around the fact that mainstream vehicles must meet the needs of the average consumer.

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