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Law Officer is the only major law enforcement publication and website owned and operated by law enforcement. This unique facet makes Law Officer much more than just a publishing company but is a true advocate for the profession.

Why I Thanked Two Police Officers Who Gave Me a Ticket

I have had several encounters with law enforcement officials. Some have been pleasant, some have been not, but if they have taught me something, is that police officers deserve our appreciation and not our scrutiny.

Georgia Police Officer Found Dead Behind Grocery Store

There have been no details as to what has led to the officer's death.

Arkansas Governor Signs Bill For Concealed Carry In Churches and Sports Stadiums

Arkansas’ governor signed a sweeping gun rights measure into law on Wednesday that will allow concealed handguns at state colleges, some bars, government buildings and even the state Capitol.

Watch Tulsa Police Run Over, Kill Wanted Suspect

The Tulsa Police Department released several dashcam videos recorded during the incident on Saturday, March 18th, involving Dickson.

Police K9 Killed, Officer Shot In Louisiana

A K-9 police dog and two people died during an officer-involved shooting in Crowley (LA).

Oregon Police K9 Takes Down 3 Suspects In 90 Minutes

An Oregon police K9 has been praised catching three suspects all within the span of 90 minutes.

Wisconsin Police Officer, 3 Killed In Domestic Dispute

A Wasau (WI) npolice officer and at least two others were shot Wednesday afternoon in a shooting spree in three locations.

Black Lives Matter: Police Officers ‘Evolved’ From ‘Slave Catchers’

When Abdullah asked the audience what slave patrols are called today, the Daily Titan said the response was “patrolmen.”

Customs Officer Commits Suicide At Minnesota Border Crossing

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer shot and killed himself in the parking area of the U.S. port of entry in northeast Minnesota on Sunday afternoon.

Wyclef Jean Claims He Was Targeted By Police Because He Was Black

Wyclef Jean joined “Good Morning America” on Wednesday where he said he felt he was “targeted as a black man” and was scared for his life when he was mistakenly identified and detained by police on Tuesday.