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Karen Solomon is the creator of 1stHelp- www.1sthelp.net. She is an author and the wife of a Police Officer for over 15 years. After speaking with hundreds of officers around the country, she realized that many officers didn’t know where to look for assistance. 1stHelp is the starting point. Karen is the author of 'Hearts Beneath the Badge' and 'The Price They Pay' of which the proceeds are being donated to law enforcement charities. Karen is a member of ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association), International Public Safety Association and the Public Safety Writers Association.

Officer Down: The Steve Hough Story

Here was a guy out defending the public, upholding the law, in one of the most admirable professions and he was going to talk to me about his shooting.

Emerson Hour- “Suicide in Law Enforcement”

What has become clear to me since the last time we met is that I don't think we are talking about suicide enough.

The Definition Of Suicide

Neither Aaron Hernandez nor Robin Williams define suicide. They are sensational stories of the day.

13 Days And 9 Police Officers…….

13 days, 9 officers dead. Their pictures aren’t going viral, the internet is not outraged, and it’s not newsworthy.

Police Suicide #41

Emma lost Steve long before he physically died, it’s one of the things she struggles with daily.

Police Suicide: The Untold Stories – Part 2

This column continues the conversation about law enforcement suicide – and the story of three officers whose lives intersected for less than hour but were changed forever.

Police Suicide: The Untold Stories

While we have generally reliable data each year on the numbers of Americans who have died by their own hand, the ability to identify those suicides that occurred among first responders are not readily identified as a subset of all suicides

2016 Police Suicide: Collecting Data Is Easy….

Not surprisingly, the method of death for 92% of the suicides was gunfire.

On The Beat: Emotional Survival

In this episode of 'On The Beat' we talk to Karen Solomon on emotional issues affecting law enforcement.

10 Reasons You Should Hate Cops

To help everyone out, I’ve come up with a pretty valid list of reasons why you shouldn’t care about honoring police officers.