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Jeff Chudwin is the Law Officer Tactical Ops columnist. He’s also the 2009 Law Officer Trainer of the Year. He retired as chief of police after 38 years of service for the Village of Olympia Fields, Ill. A founding member and current president of the Illinois Tactical Officers Association, Chudwin is a former assistant state’s attorney and has been a firearms, use-of-force and emergency response trainer for more than 25 years.

Police Identification: Your Life Depends On It

One of the most difficult tasks for plain clothes or off duty officers in a violent incident is being properly identified by other first responding officers.

SHOT Show: Media Range Day

The day before the SHOT Show begins there is a range day at the Boulder City Gun Club

Shot Show: Suppressors, Silencers And The Quest For Noise Reduction

Prior to the opening of the Shot Show, SIG SAUER has an invitation only range event to showcase their products.

Product Review: Blauer Clash LT Boots

Early in my police work an old timer said to me, “Kid, we spend most of our time on our feet; buy the best boots you can afford.”

What Is Required For Victory?

If we truly believe that we are the final option, then the Chiefs and Sheriffs of today must lead the way in making certain that our men and women are not only up to the task of daily police work but stand instantly ready for violent confrontation.

SHOT Show: Day 4

Law Officer Columnists Jeff Chudwin & Kim Heath are covering the SHOT Show for Law Officer.  Here is their report from Day 4.  As I moved about the Show among so many well know shooters and companies, I knew that there was one man present, who along with all his Brothers made possible this show […]

SHOT Show: Day 2

Law Officer Columnist Jeff Chudwin & Kim Heath are covering the SHOT Show this week in Las Vegas.   As a kid, my first intro to the 1911 was an Ithaca WWII 1943 model. The Ithaca brand is again producing high quality 1911’s.  I spoke with their lead gunsmith Bryan Stoops and he detailed the […]

Simple, Real & Difficult

This year was my fourth year in attendance at the National Patrol Rifle Conference (NPRC). Held this year outside Detroit, the event is hosted by longtime law officer

Patrol Rifles

The patrol rifle concept has been embraced nationwide by law enforcement agencies of every size and type.

Terror, Again

The plague of terrorism is worldwide.