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Dave Grossi is a retired Lieutenant from New York. Dave has served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics investigator, detective, sergeant, and lieutenant. Dave is an expert in nearly every force discipline and has testified as an expert witness in use of force cases in the United States and abroad.

Don’t Forget Department Policy

As most Electronic Control Weapon (ECW) instructors know, there have been some changes in recent years in Taser International’s suggested target zones.

Leading by Example: Show Your Officers How to Act on the Job

. Gleeson describes leadership traits he learned as a member of SEAL Team 5. While initially geared to business leaders, they are especially applicable to law enforcement leadership.

Leading for Different Learning Styles

The use of PowerPoint presentations and/or video tapes appeals to the visual learner.

Litigation-Proof Training

Training officers have an awesome responsibility in any law enforcement agency.

Time to Say Goodbye

But, after 43 years in “the business”—operational law enforcement, police instructor and litigation consultant—it’s starting to feel very odd being unemployed.

A Special Breed

Law Officer readers know that I spent a good deal of my time as a detective assigned to narcotics unit duties, most of it in an undercover capacity. My wife and I recently had the occasion to spend some quality time with my old narc unit boss, retired Deputy Chief Frank Dovidio and his wife.

Image Is Everything

I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” Those of us old enough to remember the Michael Jackson hit “Man in the Mirror” might connect these words to that song.

5 Major Consequences

Recently, I got into a discussion about Rodney King with one of my more liberal friends. After the usual and customary dialogue....

How Social Media Can Imperil Your Credibility

Quite a few trainers wind up serving as expert witnesses....

A “Free” Cup of Coffee?

In December 2009, I wrote a short piece for LawOfficer.com entitled “There’s No Such Thing as a Free Cup of Coffee.” It got a lot of attention, and 99% of our readers were in agreement