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Author: Bob Vernon

Humility in Leadership

I was promoted to lieutenant at the age of 32. At the time, I thought I was mature and fully qualified to lead a group of nearly 100 officers as a watch commander of one of the LAPD’s divisions. Looking back, I realize just how much more I needed to learn.

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Chew Out in Private

I was driving home after a tough day. Two officers were wounded, a friend called to tell me he had been diagnosed with cancer, and I was told to begin searching for ways to cut the upcoming budget by 10 percent.

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Leading Through Change

Mobile digital terminals (MDTs), a form of laptop computers, were installed in our patrol cars about 20 years ago. There was quite a bit of excitement about being able to access databases (e.g., stolen vehicle files) directly and immediately, instead of verbally over the phone. But not all officers greeted the dramatic change in communication with enthusiasm and acceptance.

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