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Bullethead has been writing for Law Officer for the past decade. From the controversial to the mundane, Bullethead always has something to say and what he/she has to say always seems to spark conversation.

Shelby Trial: DA Says ‘This Is About Skin Color’

The only winners here are the racist activists that will use a man's tragic life of drug addiction and violent crimes to spread a false narrative of police racism.

Pepsi Pulls Their New Advertisement And We All Lost

I woke up this morning to news feeds talking about Pepsi's new ad featuring reality TV star Kendall Jenner.

Fake News: The Attack On Trooper Nathan Bradley

In the latest attack on police with the use of the main stream media we see the most desperate attempt to date of malicious targeting of law enforcement.

Does More Black Police Officers Equal Less Police Force?

The often cited theory that if police departments reflected the racial makeup of their communities they served, incidents of police use of force would decrease has recently been studied in a new research project.

The Chicago Police Are Racists!

The police respond to behavior and they respond to the cries of victims. In Chicago, bad behavior and the cries usually come from black neighborhoods.

Make Up Your Mind

Is this an April Fools Joke in January on who can come up with the most delusional theory on officer involved shootings?

No War On Cops?

Never in our history has media assisted countless groups in protesting law enforcement.

President Obama’s Recent Act Against Law Enforcement Is A Disgrace

Dego Adegbile is a lawyer and has the right to defend whomever he chooses. In my opinion, he chose wrong and President Obama should have known better.

Now I Have Heard It All

So let’s now imply that police are targeting the black community in vehicle deaths? I mean really! How do you think up this crap with a straight face?

The Role Of Law Enforcement In The Election

She used their grief for votes. It was pandering at it’s worse. After countless demands by many in the country that she recognize law enforcement