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Greensboro Police Department is Now Part of

Greensboro Police Department is Now Part of

Greensboro, North Carolina – The Greensboro Police Department went live on March 25th with in an effort to proactively share information with the public.

The website allows residents to see a map of recent crime activity near a user specified address. They can also select crime types, date ranges, generate reports, and receive free crime alerts.

The Police Department now provides a new level of transparency for the residents it serves. Crime Prevention officers can use the map at community meetings to provide reliable crime information and encourage citizens to report offenses. has been proven effective in reducing crime in other local communities by increasing the number of eyes and ears that are aware of local activity.

Greensboro Police Department encourages citizens to partner with them by increasing awareness in their neighborhoods by using this proactive tool. Check out Greensboro Police website and the new crime map by clicking either image to the right.

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