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Deranged & Dead

The case of the former LAPD officer turned Evil Rambo took another violent and deadly turn today when two San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies were shot. Tragically, one of those deputies died. Law enforcement at the scene bravely took the fight to the killer and he lost. He’s dead. It took too long and too many died but it’s over.

The now deceased coward had promised to take revenge on LAPD. How did he go about it? Before shooting the San Bernardino deputies, he murdered a young woman and her fiancée. The following day he ambushed two Riverside PD officers, killing one of them. He said he was doing this because he wanted to clear his name and that LAPD had wronged him. 

Think about how ridiculous that claim is in light of what he has done. The most unbelievable part of this story is that there are some pundits and members of the public who continue to try and place some level of blame on the LAPD. This is ludicrous and without merit.

It’s important to note that this guy has been out of a police uniform a whole lot longer than he wore it. Because of this, it just seems so wrong that so many news accounts referred to the manhunt as law enforcement going after one of their own. This guy was not a cop and has clearly shown himself to be the worst example of a human being. LAPD was right to get rid of him. He said he wanted his name back. Well, he won’t find it here because he’s not worth it.

This is a sad time for California law enforcement. Last year we lost two officers in the line of duty, the lowest loss in a quarter of a century. Now, in the course of just a few days, an equal number of officers have died because an idiot was trying to make a point that none of us can understand.

As with every tragedy, there are some lessons to be learned and principles to remember. At a minimum, this case has underscored the following:

Long guns are incredibly deadly to law enforcement, especially in the hands of a madman who is skilled in their use. As tragic as the loss of life has been, it could have been much, much worse. A great deal of credit goes to Southern California law enforcement for forcing this guy to ground and ultimately putting an end to his rampage.

Psychological screening of law enforcement personnel is essential and we should continue to look for ways to use it more effectively in both the initial hiring process and fitness for duty evaluations.

Cops are the last line of defense for society. They are the only segment of humanity that willingly and repeatedly stands up for those they do not know and run to situations from which others flee. I hope that all of you are proud of what you do and fully understand the immense responsibility that comes with wearing a badge. It’s truly an honor to serve.

Somehow it seems incredibly appropriate that this bad guy’s last moments on earth were spent in a burning cabin. I hope his next stop is even hotter. Previous Coverage:

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