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Explosion-Proof LED Flashlight

Larson Electronics’ new explosion-proof rechargeable LED flashlight, the EXP-LED-51, features a lightweight, rugged design for high LED light output. Users can toggle through three different light modes with a flick of a switch: high, low and dim. The product comes with a snap-in mountable charging base that can be conveniently attached to walls or flat surfaces for easy light source access. Also included are two charging stands and two charging cords—a 120-V wall plug cord (VAC) and a 12-V vehicle cigarette plug cord (VDC). 
Larson Electronics—800/369-6671


Bone Conduction Headset

Pryme’s new noise-resistant Bone Conduction Headset (SPM-1600) features dual microphone elements that rest against the user’s temples. This feature reduces background noise by transmitting audio directly from vibrations below the skin. The SPM-1600 comes with an adjustable wrap-around style headset that secures behind the user’s ears, adding comfort and discretion. The receiver doesn’t cover the user’s entire ear, which allows for audible incoming radio transmissions and surrounding sounds. The product is also available with Pryme’s upgradeable tactical PTT and a standard two-year warranty.

Pryme Radio Products—800/666-2654


Tablet Protection

Pelican’s new 1075 Hardback Case is designed to protect tablet-style computers and netbooks.  The case features a high-impact, watertight, heat- and chemical-resistant composite shell that protects any electronic device up to 10 inches (including Apple, Dell and Sony brands) from daily use and travel. It also has a shock-absorbing foam liner and a strong, easy-snap latch to ensure that the device stays secure and scratch-free. Its automatic pressure equalization valve keeps moisture out and provides easy access at any altitude. The product also comes with a removable nylon shoulder strap. Coming soon is the Pelican i1075 Hardback that protects, secures and displays the iPad and iPad2. 
Pelican Products—800/473-5422


Forensic Light Kit

Spectronics’ new Maxima MFK-3500 series forensic light source kits allow you to view potential crime scene evidence in the field or in the laboratory. The 35-watt Micro Discharge Light inspection bulb has wide-area and long-range coverage, and illuminates fluorescent samples—bodily fluids, fibers, fingerprints, etc.,—even in broad daylight. The kits are available with either a UV spot beam (MFK-3500S) or UV diffused beam (MFK-3500D), and work on either AC or DC voltage. Five interchangeable forensic filters (UV, clear, general, blue and green) provide a maximum range of spectrums for inspection of evidence. Both kits also include four pairs of UV-absorbing contrast spectacles (clear, yellow, orange and red).

Spectronics Corp.—800/274-8888


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